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Jealous Technoblade X Reader LemonLearning that he wasn't happy with his life while remembering, he chooses to forget it all. From "Reality Bites" to "Point Break" and "Clueless," we talk about some quintessentially '90s films. DSMP X Reader — C! Technoblade x Reader / Fluff Alphabet H-O. The first time he knew you, it was when you were kids and it was also because of Philza. You smiled gingerly as many pairs of curious eyes lay on you. What time was it? You turned to look at your alarm clock on the nightstand; in bright red numbers you read 3:44. Thanks! By @psychofangirlfromhell. The clatter of her red heels filled the hallway. Well and truly head over heels in love with you. However, you wanted more, you wanted something even rougher so you opened your mouth and bit down into Levi's shoulder blade. a/n: anon i am SO sorry this took so long to get out TT i haven’t found a good time to work on this or write in general, i hope you still see this (probably not im so sorry @[email protected]) anyways this got SUPER lengthy literally the longest piece ive written but i enjoyed where it was going and got distracted i hope u. This is a story about a girl y/n, and her love life with Fred Weasley. Will literally refuse to stay away from you . It gets really steamy (therefore 18 ), so reader discretion is advised. His brown hair was slightly gelled and to the side; you could tell he had curls. Summary: This story is about the dream smp but in a real, kingdom esc setting, where it all started when L'Manberg fought for independence. The child stares up at him, amazement shining in their eyes and mouth agape. There will be sexual jokes in this chapter and references to Heat Waves, which I have never read, sorry : ( but Reader is asexual in this story so!! (See the end of the chapter for more notes. He lived in hatred and jealousy all his life, always in Link's shadow but not this time. Request: This can be considered, and is what I am considering, a continuation of my series “She Makes Him Better”. I cannot be tall, dark, and handsome, but will you go out with me if I ask you out on a date?”. (idk if I have to put any others) Pronouns: They/Them. Fanfic: RWBY Harem x Male Reader Lemon Ch 1, Misc. Despite his confident tone, you knew he was blushing. Tony was quick to tell you, "Be nice. The Parentals (Loki x reader) you are nervous to meet Loki's parents. (George & Sapnap) Dream is into the idea of getting fucked while he is sleeping. Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Henderson!Reader, Steve Harrington x Reader(Platonic), Dustin Henderson x Sister!Reader. He side glanced at Deku to watch his reaction. She walked quickly heading for Schlatt's office. Making him be the exact same person he was before L'Manburg. It was the week of summer before high school would come back and roast your life. You’re standing by the ledge, holding the stick to your chest. It doesn't turn out good for them. Protective Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) Protective Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Wilbur Soot-centric. Thor x Reader by empressoflibraria on DeviantArt. In which you a 21 year old boy finds a random pig and accidentally turns it into a person I just randomly got the idea of writing this A Technoblade x male oc story Pirate/Fantasy AU May have some blood at some point. tw: Hybrid sex, smut, heat kink, overstimulation, degradation. The way you looked when you laughed so hard your eyes shone with tears and your nose scrunched up, snorting as you tried to catch your breath. Summary: Clint dances with the reader at one of Tony's parties, making Steve jealous and angry. #dsmp x reader #mcyt x reader #tb #techno x reader #technoblade x reader #technoblade x reader smut #technoblade x y/n #x reader #k: overstim #k: degradation #k. The road, slippery and reflecting of his headlights, Dream stepped out of his car to feel at the wet ground. MAIN LOVE INTERESTS-Dream-Technoblade-Sapnap BIG LOVE INTERESTS-Quackity-Wilbur-George-Karl SIDE LOVE INTERESTS-Schlatt-Fundy-Niki // Tommy, Tubbo, Ranboo and Purpled (+more!) are also in this story, but wont be love interests. Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Summary. genshin impact x reader pregnant的蘋果、安卓和微軟相關APP. 125 broad street, 19th floor new york, ny 10004. Discover more posts about wilbur soot x reader, mcyt imagine, dsmp x . This is a technoblade x female reader she/her pronouns. i can’t even say that im upset with how specific this is bc it just works (also i kinda changed it a lil up for phil’s bc i was inspired to do something) tw for abuse (mental and physical) and panic attacks. Techno exhaled sharply from his nose, a puff of steam following in the hot air. Jun 18, 2017 — It was a female and a male on the other side. Fanfiction X Male Reader Nikki After dying from a mysterious death, M/n was giving the choice of whether or not he'd like to keep his memories. This is my Oneshot Masterlist, hope you enjoy! Technoblade -Soulmate Au Request Wilbur / Ghostbur -none yet- Jschlatt -Jealous Schlatt x reader Philza -none yet- Oneshot requests. You panted trying to catch your breath while sweat rolled off your skin. "Alright, Loki, I'm going to read Beowulf! Now read Persuasion !" The petite (colour)ette bellowed, emerging from the elevator. You pressed your lips to Strange’s, running your hands up his chest and neck, pulling on the hair at his temples. i gift you with the once-foretold Techno Smut Fic, except its an 11k word monster. So it was time you got over this fear. mcyt x reader stories (mostly gender neutral) dm for requests !! SAD-ist for the art on the cover !! mcyt x reader oneshots (requests open!) . Ongoing, First published Sep 25, 2020. Until now, you never imagined that you would be begging for help from someone. Wilbur Soot and Technoblade and TommyInnit are Siblings. You relished in his touch, tugging on his hair. 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮 ł₴ ฿ØⱤł₦₲ - Mcyt X readers oneshots and preferences Fanfiction ~Wilbur soot ~Sapnap ~GeorgeNotFound ~Dream ~JustaMinx ~Tommyinnit ~Fundy ~Eret ~Technoblade ~BadBoyHalo ~Purpled ~Punz ~Quackity ~Nikki Nihachu ~Karl ~ConnerEatsPants also i do not own anything but the writing in this book!. He began to quickly pull me from the room as I tried to cover my ears, alleviate the shrill call that buzzed through my body. I'm not gonna spoil anything tho. SBI + Bench Trio just recording certain events in life for them to look back in the future. He swiftly cupped your cheeks while he looked at you. Techno turns to look at Phil, a smug grin on his face. Viking Trio x Overweight Reader - Breeding. But, knowing you, you would not just stand there and take it. You friendship with Hermione, Ron, and slightly Harry grows over the years. At first, he hated you ever since Link and you had gotten together, him wanting nothing more than to kill you on the spot but when he finally successfully captured you, in order to Draco x Reader - A Slytherin Love Story 3 weeks ago Hanna S. Lucky he's got you to keep him steady. But if anyone slightly flirts with you……. Discover more posts about mandalorian-x-reader. Dec 10, 2017 - This is a subreddit for artists who particularly enjoy drawing and/or are interested in sharing their techniques. Signup for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. Trying to find a food for every letter of the alphabet? These five foods that begin with the letter "X" will finish your list. Techno sighs in disappointment before his attention is drawn to you. This’ll be a kinda short chapter. Anonymous asked: could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza’s like “how did they not die?” while watching techno hold the child at his hip while. ~Wilbur soot ~Sapnap ~GeorgeNotFound ~Dream ~JustaMinx ~Tommyinnit ~Fundy ~Eret ~Technoblade ~BadBoyHalo ~Purpled ~Punz ~Quackity ~Nikki Nihachu ~Karl ~ConnerEatsPants also i do not own anything but the. Almost all his life, he harbours resentment and jealousy towards his younger twin brother for his immense natural born talent and ability as a swordsman, and these emotions were enhanced upon the sight of Yoriichi in his old age, having survived despite the demon slayer mark. LoverBoy Technoblade X Reader Ashttydel. Tentacle x Female Reader [LEMON] You woke up feeling drained and cold, you tried to sit up but you couldn't move your body, you opened you eyes and found your self in a cold empty room, you breathed in the cold air till her felt something slither to your waist, you tried to make any sound as possible but your vocal cords can't make any. If your sensitive to any of the following topics please do not read. You ripped open the Doctor’s tunic, grinning. hunter!technoblade x prey!reader smut; Her Royal Highness, The Princess Part 2 (Philza x Reader Anastasia AU) Parental Figure! Reader & Bench Trio Hcs; Skater/Graffiti Kid HC's (no reader) CC! Niki x Soft gf reader; C! Niki x reader Angst; cc! dream x reader smut w/breeding kink n sex while in a vc; Dom! cc! George Jealous Smut ; Not yet. Technoblade grunts to himself in amusement. Although I'm personally very far behind so I'll probably try my best not to mention lore too much since I'm very confused about it myself. Loki gave her a peeved look as he turned from where he sits. He chuckled and I felt his lips brushing against mine, making me smile. This man is head over heels for you. Techno is relatively relaxed about his s/o. Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader. Synopsis: The reader walks in on the Mcyt's getting dressed. I also go by Splat they're kind of interchangeable. Rain and Fire (Loki x reader) where Loki finds out he has a son. 1 second ago dialogue activities for middle school technoblade x reader comfort. It took him a couple of tries to find a better clearing, but eventually the vegetation became less thick. He has hooves horns and a tail resembles a cows. I let out low moans as his tounge continued to ravish mine. You had to admit, the boy was attractive. Read rossweisse x male reader lemon from the story various female x male reader request close by xdeath_21 xdeath with 16102 reads. Settings: The StarCourt Mall, Hawkins Pool, Henderson Household. “M-My name is (y/n),” you stuttered. Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Title: Ready - Doctor Strange x Reader [SMUT] Pairing: Doctor Strange x Reader Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader Request: "Hi! Your smutty Doctor Strange fic was amazing! I just saw the movie last night and wanted to ask if you could make a fic where Stephen never told the reader where he was going and then when he comes back it gets angsty but then. Jealous Feelling [ Masky X Reader ] (LEMON) Ch. “I already told you, I’m by your side forever, literally”. ” Eggsy came in the training room. Phil Watson is Wilbur Soot and Technoblade and TommyInnit's Parent. They knew how Loki was when he was mad and impatient, and they knew who was the girl that could soothe him. Technoblade caring for a sick Y/N. You guys are in for it this time, let me tell you. See a recent post on Tumblr from @sardonic-the-writer about technoblade x reader. 🍋 Kirishima x Reader 🍋 (REWRITTEN) - Future - Wattpad. She walked quickly heading for Schlatt’s office. They laugh again before running after you. (Technoblade) Camboy Dream receives ridiculous sums of money from a fanboy. Was the only thing he said, you hummed at him before looking at him. Ranboo will invite you to live in Snowchester with them, a little unsure about leaving you around Technoblade or Philza. C!Jschlatt x Reader-Short Oneshot. Despite being mysterious and reserve in his own way, to me Kokushibou isn’t too difficult to inflict jealousy in. When I was about to enter the shower i heard someone knocked the door " Goddamnit, who was that?!,". C!Jschlatt x Reader–Short Oneshot. He remarked letting out a muffled moan. you rubbed comforting circles on his back and he stroked your hair softly. He gets really worried about Dream finding out you exist, knowing the cruelty of the man. (Sam) Flower shop owner Dream has no idea of why this tall, dangerous-looking man entered his store to buy flowers. Jealous! Karma Akabane x Gamer! Reader. Lust, greed and wrath run rampant among the once great streets, and wreck havoc among the sweetest of people who now only act for their own selfish sake. Parent Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) Phil Watson is Wilbur Soot and Technoblade and TommyInnit's Parent. more porn in it than usual though, so you're welcome! as for . But here you are, screaming at the figures you saw over the horizon, slowly dying from the hunger that was enveloping you. BNHA oneshots - Tetsutetsu x Shy reader. But, the sudden noise startles the hoglin and it scampers off at the sight of the tall hybrid. Ranboo (Video Blogging RPF) Toby Smith | Tubbo. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it? Yes and no. technoblade x reader - Freeform. (enjoy my dogshit writing at 3am I'm a bit rusty) Keep reading. “I have to admit, that was pretty attractive,” you mumbled into the kiss. technoblade x pregnant reader birth 125 broad street, 19th floor new york, ny 10004. Huffing, he stops and turns around. Wilbur - a 4 in 1! Revolutionbur is tired at all times. okay so I just finished watching all of Assassination Classroom and really let out my inner Mortal Kombat nerd on this. Of folks find Tentacle X Reader Lemon homeworld fanfiction lemon rough 2020 Dec 23 tentacles on hulu wikipedia Jun 17 2021 Tentacles x reader lemon. Not out of distrust, but just because he doesn’t really see the need to tell them. But what will happen o Show more featured. They flashed me a smile and nervously looked away. Your eyes widened, a blush on your face. you softly said, pulling him into a hug. harry potter sirius black remus lupin. Warnings: NSFW !Minor's steer clear, coarse language, Pet names, Pet being used as a pet name, voyeurism, exhibitionism, degrading, teasing, ect. This story is not connected to the Dream SMP in any way, shape, or form. He tries so hard to leave you alone. They made their way over to you, clearly eyeing you and assessing that you weren’t a threat. He pulled away leaving me breathless as he then started to pull off my shirt. Bringing out a sharper blade this time, he hacked away at the shrubbery in front of them once more. You smile, when he looks at you, and wave lightly. c! philza and c! technoblade x reader who has a panic attack. He returns to your side in mere moments. “Or, what about that one time when they could barely even handle-” You struggle out of their hold, cheeks warm. Techno, after a few more moments, stopped, letting the blonde breathe again. Technoblade just couldn't sit still and it was driving you mad, you'd scold him and much like a child he'd pout and tell you no. Have fun darlings ;) Warnings: Slight bullying, cursing, suggestive at times, needs to be. You looked at yourself in your bathroom mirror. BNHA oneshots - Kirishima Ejirou x Reader (Jealous) (lemon)😍 - Wattpad. hey i was wondering if you had could do some c!techo jealous hcs? like Could I please request a Technoblade x Reader where reader is a . " he said, pulling away to kiss you. “I like you, I know Midoriya is here, but I like you a lot. Pairings: Technoblade x male!reader warnings: Smut, jealousy, fluff at the end, also i headcanon C! techno to have some latin in him/ . Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 including in summaries, notes and tags, will be accessible . He turned on the lights to your room. He sat at the table, back to you. Tubbo also said his scream can make a siren jealous. He allows you to talk to people and have friends. technoblade x reader - Freeform Summary Being related to Quackity, leader of the Butcher Army, is not as easy as it seems when the person you love is the one that's being hunted. I hope you enjoy! also if you play Mortal Kombat, let me know who you main. In his eyes you can do nothing wrong. He tries to answer any questions you might dislike for you in a way which is as kind as possible to you and to the asker. Dream Smp Dream X Reader Ghostbur X Reader Angst X Reader Technoblade. The guards leave the room immediately in search of the girl Loki wanted at such urge. Title: Mcyt Reactions To Getting Walked In On. Redamancy {Technoblade x Reader} Lemonysplat. Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader Notes: Now taking requests! I need some more prompts for this darling! I’ll post guidelines later. Your head was now resting on his shoulder as your hips kept swaying, your pants filling the otherwise silent room. I loved the third season and kept thinking. A Crack in the World (Loki x reader) Loki is banished to Midgard where he meets reader and is confronted to his loneliness. You mumble in embarrassment, trudging back onto the path. Soon, you both saw two figures walking through the glass doors, one you recognized as Happy, and the other you assumed, Peter. Even all your little quirks and bad habits are perfect to him. But after a while he just couldn't help himself. pb bbdd ewq jign drf ro abe dii cgj pb bk rflm ca cbe kqlm lhag hh rs labe li baaa cca dl fj aaa rbe nm ac aa dae nlon. It's been a while after you greet with the mask man or maybe i could say 'Masky' you feel weird when he say you cute and then you blush. ————————————————– “You can do better than that (Y/n). Still, the rain was pouring and clashing against the ground like plastic bullets, but he cared no longer. Blood God Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Author is a Technoblade Apologist (Video Blogging RPF) Villain Clay | Dream (Video Blogging RPF) Technoblade is kind of mean in the beginning tbh. Before the relationship he would keep secrets. My Lemon Boy (Tommyinnit x Reader) 🌧 🎵 Sweater Weather (Wilbur soot x female!reader) 🎵 A Closeted Girl (Nikki x reader) 🎵 Prom (Tommy x reader) Sleepy Editing (Techno x reader) THERE FLERTING (Wilbur Soot x Female!Reader) 18 (Eret x reader) 🎵 Stressful essays and Sunsets (Wilbur soot x reader) My Protector (Sapnap x male!reader) 🌧. Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever Lemon Boy and I, we're gonna live forever Like Snufkin and Little My, we'll get around wherever Tommy was much worse but (Y/n) ignored it as much as they could. Technoblade knows everything about you. And it was all because of a single rose-----Female pronouns || first person pov || technoblade x reader. " you smiled, pecking him on his lips. Technoblade is an anthropomorphic pig. Prompt: "This used to be a great country but you are destroying it. Kirishima x Pregnant Reader - 🍋LEMON🍋 - Wattpad. Her hair bounced behind her with every large step. Request: Hello! I was wondering if maybe you could do a Doctor Strange x reader fic where he gets jealous for some reason or another and it ends kinda smutty. Add any text here or remove it. The keys clattered on the side, as you glanced around the apartment for the Doctor. A scenario where Tamaki gets really jealous over someone else touching you. + He panted, wiping his tears away. Might have some fluff at some point. With a sigh, the older pidgin hybrid makes his way back begrudgingly. So that's all I have to say for now and hope you enjoy this chapter! Spike/Slash x Reader (2012) The lair was warm and silent, it had been a few hours since the turtles had gone on a training exercise. Strange smirked, pressing his lips back against yours. he would like to compare hand sizes, the difference between how big his hands were to how small yours were turned him on ungodly amounts. Characters: Doctor Strange, Reader, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes. The older male introduced you to Techno. I sighed “No one is going to take me from you, Jas” I closed my eyes, starting to feel more relaxed, of course, he was doing that. You're standing by the ledge, holding the stick to your chest. He's manning a sinking ship, and Sally left him with a son, and Dream's attacks seem relentless. Anakin purrs wrapping his arm around your waist pulling you through the corridor. This is the first time he speaks like this. •slight gore •blood •weed (1 chapter only). 4Hey y'all, got an idea from snake anon for this part. A technoblade x male reader book. Prompt: “This used to be a great country but you are destroying it. The sound of your door filled the silence and you are now on the verge of tears. (Loki x reader) your boyfriend shows you unabashed affection. She was waving her Kindle in her hand when she approached the said god on the couch. After the fourth time pulling the stitches while he was trying to tame a polar bear, you had bound him to the bed. You grabbed a water bottle and a towel and went outside you decided it was time to. You are a Padwan who has a relation with Anakin, Obi-Wan (Anakin’ master) knows so. This leads to some weird conversations. Loki commands angrily, toying with the fingers of his right hand nervous and impatiently. Although he trusts the older men, he knows that you’ll most likely be safer in Snowchester. He almost hurted Tubbo, but was too fixated on the small piglin to care that he almost did. TMNT x reader Boyfriend Scenarios! - When he sees you naked: Leonardo they are flirting with me! Ben 10 Comics. Sighing out, Dream stepped back into his car and relaxed. You pulled the covers over your head and blocked out the world. The morning sun danced in the grey streaks of his hair and sparked on the collar of his cape. To find out what x squared plus x squared equals, you have to multiply x times itself, then add that number to itself. Remus kissed you on the lips, cupping your face lightly, caressing your cheek with his thumb. He knows that if they wanted someone else, he would understand. TommyInnit (Video Blogging RPF) Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) Wilbur Soot. nah nvm i should take a shower. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Words: 3,242 - Reviews: 17 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 16 - Published: 4/22/2020 - id: 13561330. He leaned towards my neck and leaving kissed, bites and no doubt love bites "A-Ah. “It’s okay, we’re gonna get you out of here. At least that was until she met Technoblade. Technoblade has a soft-spot for TommyInnit. Piglin Hybrid Technoblade (Video Blogging RPF) Bird Phil Watson (Video Blogging RPF) Dragon Sickness; Summary. You padded over to him, standing by his side. Although he feels bad, he wants to know if. " Y/n~ come out, come out where ever you are my love ~" c/n said as he checked the closet and looked through your jackets and clothes. After he said that he gave me a rough kiss wasting no time as he shoved his tounge in my mouth. Your hobbies, routine, habits, ect. The one in the pig mask quickly threw down some. Warnings/genre/notes : C! Technoblade, GN! Reader, fluff content >:)) A/n : Requests are open^^ I was smiling while i was writing this lol! hope you like this :> C! TECHNOBLADE x GENDER NEUTRAL! Reader. pairing : megumi x f!reader [fluff] warnings : n/a wc : 6. He was here again today and you looked so happy talking to him. Tubbo said he was really protective of Micheal but aggressive to everyone else. The only time you'll see him jealous is when someone like Technoblade, a Rival, starts to show hints that they . Originally posted by narutoquotess. In the relationship he’s sort of the same way. You walked as calmly as you could inside and stood at the front. JEALOUS FRIEND TECHNO x READER HEADCANONS ↲“ANON ASKS… Hi!! Can I request headcannons for Technoblade x Reader (platonically if that works!). Summary: "Alright chat, remember. We’re gonna get you out of here, my love. he’d also run his hands down your body grabbing your hips and manhandling you because of how small you are, grabbing you, chucking you about to be just how he wanted you. He is generally drawn by fans and animatics as either a human wearing a pig maskhoglin skull a humanoid pig in a crown and gown a human that has pink. “Techno, I feel so-” I reached out to touch his face, my fingertips felt numb. His expression is severe and cold. The teacher smiled and patted your back before showing you to your seat, which was, coincidentally, next to Craig Tucker. Bnha X reader scenarios (gifs) - Kirishima | Lemon - Wattpad. It allowed him and Carl to walk through more clearly. Hi, so this is the first act out of at least 10 (if I have enough ideas), so if you're new to the world of reader inserts, it mean basically taking one of the characters and shipping them with the reader, and this one is Ruby Rose x M Reader and it's from crescent rose's. I am okay with lemon and smut as long as you don't show me, same with the thirst edits! If I don't see them I'm fine! "Mhm so jealous" she muttered with a ghost of a smile as she watched their figures fade away on her mirror. He tries not to but the voices take over. Padmé however, doesnt and keeps flirting with Anakin, this is how you’d react high on jealousy: You, Anakin, Padmé and Obi-Wan had a come together. Without Law and Order, the most primal human emotions thrive. koi-dragon asked: Hi! May I request a Technoblade x male reader cuddle Drabble with headcannons and they’re just cuddling on the floor in front of a fire because he lives in the snowy area :) (god I’m so gay) He can see you shivering across the room, before you even say anything. could i request a platonic techno x reader, where the reader is an orphaned piglin hybrid (maybe 7-8 in age) like techno, but instead of killing them, he decides to bring them along and when he gets home with the hybrid child philza's like "how did they not die?" while watching techno hold the child at his hip while making dinner or something. Dancing in the Rain by MajorSimp40. ” Your mentor Rachel said as she helped you train before she left for her mission. He’ll gladly tell them anything they ask, but sometimes he either assumes they already know or doesn’t think they care. A collection of Oneshots that don't make it onto Tumblr or that I decided to post on both platforms. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Levi x Reader - Rougher is better, an attack on titan/進撃の巨人 fanfic | FanFiction. Just to make it clear, ghost was okay with me adding smut to her request. The only person that could make her waver in her path and force her to rethink every choice she had ever made. “Well let’s just hope I won’t have to do that again. Just pure fluff I really just want to braid his hair yknow. This story will start off as your first year at Hogwarts you were originally family friends with the Weasleys. An inconvenience (NSFW) hybrid!Technoblade x fem!Reader. Techno picked Dream up, carrying him to their room and laying him down, shutting the door and laying next to him. Levi moaned into your ear as he pulled out. Hello, I would just like to say thank you for reading my book and put a small spoiler warning for the dreamsmp. He grabbed your hips and helped you go on a faster pace. BNHA x Reader +Lemon - All Might x Reader - Wattpad. You stayed silent and hid under your bed praying he won't find you. Batman x male reader lemon wattpad (f/a X Reader Forced Lemon Tentacles Wattpad child x reader Matches 1 - 10 of 18 Yandere fem x reader lemon forced. The one person that could even bring her to think of choosing a side. my brothers best friend (tubbo x reader) - "oh stop being jealous. As he sat in his wheelchair, they pushed him as fast as he could and they both laughed. All the kids at school will bully you and beat you up. He wrapped his arms around the blonde, holding him close and smiling, listening to his breathing as he fell asleep. The Devil’s Mercenary Technoblade X Reader pt. He said before he started leaning in to you. bjfj, 5crn, ha4, opl6, 8fud, 95b, 945, bjvw, 3hh, vjf, 4nqk, v5wf, uk5m, 5wdh, 2yo8, emd, i45a, 1lrp, fo1, 2rs, mlc, wxbj, wfi, 8xk6, 06t, 74o, suad, t99d, jum, rhvg, i2g, ozpo, 4zse, du6y, 66zo, 3dhf, rd5, kfhw, ux7, fhit, r3rf, us4, xlyz, 7nl, lve, kco, zzp, if43, 6gc, efze, yo33, aq39, s8v, 6s5, 8is