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Ppg Dp90 Epoxy Primer For Salecom The PPG Logo, Bringing innova"on to the surface, Deltron, Roadguard, Nexa Autocolor, Global Refinish System, Concept, Duracryl, Delstar, Delthane, OneChoice, Envirobase and Aquabase. You need to be careful of using that epoxy as a sealer. Welcome to the home of Classic Motorsports magazine—your source for classic car news and drives, vintage auto restoration, and events. For decades, PPG's research and development experts have created coatings that have made products better across nearly every industry, from food and beverage, to cosmetics and personal care, to paints and chemicals. I did the underside of the Boss Mustang with DP90 black in 09 and still looks good. Chinese Binks #7 copy is all you need to spray quality epoxy primer. If you decide to go with epoxy I would use PPG DP series primer, there is a gray/green (DP40), black (DP90), and white (DP 48). Urethane makes an excellent top coat primer because it is easily sanded and blocked out. Her Custom built fiberglass body is coated in DP90 Epoxy Primer and PPG Base Coat/Clear Coat were used to create this Eye Catching paint scheme. We've detected you are using a browser that is missing critical features. The Eastwood product Chassis Black is a semi gloss. Kirker EP610 epoxy primer provides. Deltron DBU was PPG's First Basecoat System, Debuting in 1983, and Soon Became North. This system provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance, dries quickly, and maintains good color holdout. Allow to dry at least 24 hours or more before applying Organisol, and use a gun with a big tip 1. The B1 layer provides primer-like filling, chip resistance and durability protection. Part of the mix is literally an epoxy. Lets say I bought your car, with the PPG epoxy on it I wouldn't even sand it off then. Epoxy Primers, Clear coats, Primers, Basecoat, single stage and more. DIXIE DREAM CARS 1932 Ford Roadster LS3 - YouTube. com SL233, 1/06 JP233 1K Acrylic Primer Background JP233 is a fast drying, single component gray acrylic primer surfacer that is easy to sand and is designed. You need a gun to shoot it but should be available at auto body supply houses msd58 May have some tips for you - google bravo 3 corrosion its more than just paint the crack you see down by your bearing carrier is likely from corrosion. 1 Epoxy Primer PPP-P---245245245 DPLV Surface Surface Prepara on:Prepara on: • Wash the area to be painted with soap and water, then clean with appropriate PPG cleaner. 0303 MP-EPOXY EPOXY PRIMERS DESCRIPTION MP-Series Epoxy Primers provide maximum corrosion protection and adhesion to bare metal surfaces. DPLF Epoxy Primer mixed 2:1 with DP401LF or DP402LF Catalyst provides an excellent corrosion-resistant primer. I have $25,000 invested, willing to sell at a large discount due to little damage and no time for projects. • Easily sandable unlike many other epoxies. homes for sale under 100k in nashville, tn 3 saat ago. We use PPG DP 90 and Evercoat lightweight for packing only. Stonebridge Sports & Classics ltd. 23 DPLF Epoxy Primer mixed 2:1 with DP401LF or DP402LF Catalyst provides an excellent corrosion-resistant primer. 23 results for "ppg epoxy primer" RESULTS Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. Find the right paint for your next painting project with our wide variety of professional paint, wood stains, and more! Utilizes an innovative non-chemical approach to killing bacteria and viruses. Read reviews for average rating value is 5. It can influence consumers and define an automobile. Find a store nearby that sells PPG PMC products. Failure to do so means there will be no chemical bond between the paint and the epoxy. What black epoxy primer do you usually use on bare metal? I need to buy some for after i get all my bondo stuff done. an excellent corrosion–resistant primer. The PPG-authorized independent distributor offers the highest level of product knowledge and service capabilities available in the industry. The final color has nothing to do with color of the primer except it will take more or less base coat to cover. If you're painting Red, shoot DP 74LF, if black then DP 90, white then DP 48, etc. Perfect for heavy duty applications, such as commercial transport, agricultural equipment and the mining sector, PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer is a highly effective adhesion promoting primer with the option to be used in Wet-On-Wet (WOW) mode or as a traditional sand-able primer. Add-On Item: FREE Delivery with Orders Over $ 100. SUNEPOXY PRIME: Multi-purpose epoxy primer · anti-corrosive primer coating over steel · protective and decorative coating in laboratories, abattoirs, etc. If there is no rust, and you get the frame really clean (i. wax and grease remover JX101-1, $22. This can be avoided by applying the DPLF Epoxy Primer, color and. Sometimes the media blasting shop will shoot it for you, because the bare metal will start to rust almost immediately, depending on what time of year. PPG DP90 epoxy primer was applied to the body, followed by high-build primer, which was block sanded until all the panels were straight. DPLF DPLF Epoxy Primer mixed 2:1 with DP401LF or DP402LF Catalyst provides an excellent corrosion-resistant primer. PPG: BRINGING INNOVATION TO THE SURFACE. Place your order online and pick it up at your local store . So with all of that said, this is what I gathered as a current list of wants off this car:. The DP primers are about $75qt. Epoxy is a slow drier and if you apply paint TOO soon you'll get dieback. That's correct, we use it over all bare metal. SALE 2 Pc Rubber Jack Stand Pad Cover Slip Oil Res Best Price 5Pcs/Set 3/4/5/6/7inch Buffing Sponge P Discounted OTC Tools (OTC6613) PPG DP90 Epoxy Primer - New Kit for Sale; Buying 6" SANDING DISC, Sandpaper Roll, PSA Sticky Price Comparisons Wet Dry Polishing Sanding Sponge For Sale Torx Plus Socket Bit | 12pc Set 6pt Star. The PPG logo is a registered trademark of PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. The vehicle was completely disassembled, and stripped using razor blades, all parts were metal prepped and epoxy primed, then sealed with DP-90 and shot with 4 coats of PPG single stage black urethane then color sanded and buffed to a flawless finish (note: all of the paint finishes i. -PPG Global White Platinum Pearl Mid Coat. Mix the sealer according to the label, 2 parts DP90LF primer to 1 part DP402LF hardener. Epoxy primers provide durable, non-porous protection against corrosion when applied before paint, keeping rust from forming. NON SANDING EPOXY PRIMER BLACK (LEAD FREE). The Kirker Enduro Prime Epoxy Primer is a A 2. Please visit craigslist from a modern browser. Legal Notices & Privacy Policies | CA Transparency in. All new window glass and rubbers. It provides an exceptionally strong and durable foundation for complete and/or. The deal is that the catalyst is different for different temperature ranges. I would like to spray it now with a gun. Below are some of the most popular DTM products I have to offer: DPLF and DPLV Epoxy primers - the most popular direct to metal products, these primers provide excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. 1 Epoxy Primer is available in 3 colors, DP48LV White, DP50LV Gray and DP90LV Black and can be blended together to achieve the full range of gray shades, G1 - G7. From my personal experience, epoxy primers such as PPG DP90 are better suited as a sealer which you recoat after the recommended flash time with your top coat. PPG DP90 EPOXY Primer - New Kit - $250. For the price, less than $100 a gallon for the primer/activator, it's outstanding. It dries quickly and retains color much longer. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PPG DP90LF Black Epoxy Primer 2 Gallons With Dp402lf Catalyst 1 Gallon at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!. It's mixed with a catalyst, part number DP401 (regular) or DP402 (fast). 15 Great Pasture Rd Danbury, CT. PPG DP-90 is and excellent epoxy primer, but should not be used as a top coat. I have a '29 Tudor painted with DP-90 that is 10+ years old. 3-4 years ago PPG stopped adding lead to it's epoxy primer for obvious reasons. DPLF Epoxy Primers come in 5 colors:. Probably needed an accelerator or hardener, and the 'sand' was probably due to the flattening agent. I'm willing to help anyone out with bettering a part prior to shipping. DPLF Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and topcoated with most PPG Refinish. I use my Binks LVLP for most everything having to do with top coats. After many months of blocking and 2k priming, my car is ready for paint. This automotive epoxy primer paint shows exceptional adhesion qualities and tremendous resistance to corrosion. Anyone recommend a primer to use after blasting? They proposed Kem Kromic as a mid-grade primer. Azryael said: In reply to frenchyd : Well, I believe factoring in the stock 1. It runs about $80-90/quart with hardner/reduce. Model T chassis and associated parts are shiny black. PPG DP90 Epoxy; PPG makes an awesome product that has been out for a long time. Concept (R) DCC is DELTRON's easy-to-use, direct gloss system. It is light grey in colour, chromate-free and has good corrosion resistance over bare metal. Summit Racing SUM-SWSP312G-12 - Summit Racing Equipment® 2. Simply put, epoxy is the best primer for bare metal, making it excellent for newly fabricated metal parts or ones that have been fully stripped. ( 12 ) Estimated Ship Date: Today. 1 VOC Epoxy Primer provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to many types of properly prepared steel, aluminum, and fiberglass substrates. We recommend the epoxy set for 48 hours before spraying a polyester type primer so the epoxy can get further into the curing process, as the acetone and thickness of the polyester primers can cause a melting type action aka wicking, where the urethane primer will not so we can primer sooner. PPG Deltron basecoat in Nassau Blue was sprayed in the door jambs, the doors were then mounted, and the body received two coats of color and three coats. new & used options and get the best deals for PPG DP90LF Black Epoxy Primer 2 Gallons With Dp402lf Catalyst 1 Gallon at the best online prices at eBay!. Paint Primer Sealers - Automotive Refinishing Finish 1. Whether this is the best method or not I couldn't say, but this person has restored a number of 02's and came highly recommended. gloss, or satin or flat were put back as they came from. I have stripped my firewall to bare metal, was going to rattle can but I want it done right. 2-If I am to use the epoxy as a sealer, do I have to sand everything again to 400 wet after the sealer?. We have a heritage of providing only the best in automotive products since 1938, when we first started selling touch-up paint. Many years ago I was the main painter and body man at a shop. pdf; Edited April 22, 2011 by CDN224 (see edit history) Link to. Body filler, fill primer to final guide coat. 2301 Royal Windsor Drive Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K5 1-888-310-4762. New wiring from front to rear with a Factory Fit wiring harness. On this build on some of the suspension parts and misc. 23: DPLF Epoxy Primer mixed 2:1 with DP401LF or DP402LF Catalyst provides an excellent corrosion-resistant primer. " When I wrote about and tested it in '91, I called it their "new wonder-grip…primer. Designed for a variety of substrates, including metal, wood, masonry and fibreglass, this zinc phosphate containing, polymide cured epoxy primer delivers excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. I actually had good luck simply using high-heat engine primer in a spray can from Duplicolor. PPG Launches Virtual PPG Aerospace Academy Education Program. Custom Shop - Gray Epoxy Primer/Sealer 2. I've done several engines with this stuff, they have held. It works like any other, but it offers excellent quality and multiple uses. • Available in Gallons or Quarts, Activates with 6700-1 or 6700-4. 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Corrosion Resistant Primer-PPG???? - Hey everyone, So here is the poop. After searching for what seems like a life time I can't seem to find anyone that has found a good match for the satin black on the 2019 Tuono. If there is rust you do need to use a rust mort or something like POR-15 (but then paint over it). Sandblast all the rust off, weld up all the holes from stuff removed, and primer it all. It is more appropriate on a 55 - 6 - 7 Chevy and other cars of the 1950 - 1970 era. (SPI), our mission as a premium coatings manufacturer is to produce the finest automotive clears, primers, solvents and additives available today – using only the world's best raw materials and latest technologies. Topcoat with any Matrix Automotive Finishes brand topcoat, urethane surfacer, or polyester product. For black Evo's, if you spray can it beware that the rattle can stuff is not durable. (Red Oxide), and DP90LF (Black). New firewall pad and column seal. SALE 2 Pc Rubber Jack Stand Pad Cover Slip Oil Res Best Price 5Pcs/Set 3/4/5/6/7inch Buffing Sponge P Discounted OTC Tools (OTC6613) PPG DP90 Epoxy Primer - New Kit for Sale; Buying 6" SANDING DISC, Sandpaper Roll, PSA S Price Comparisons Wet Dry Polishing Sanding Sponge For Sale Torx Plus Socket Bit | 12pc Set 6pt Star. Then, an additional coat of epoxy primer was laid down. The paint job is simply stunning. Hot rodders have had DP90 black primer (now labeled as PN DP90LV) in done comes from PPG: DP401LV epoxy hardener, DP90LV epoxy primer, . Body is in PPG DP90 Black epoxy primer. Ppg dp90 epoxy primer tech sheet. The DP 90 LF is an excellent undercoat for the DDL 9423. Bronco Tech 3 Arm Wiper Setup Fix Motor Mount Roll Cage Braces The primer I am using is PPG DP90. 2022 Color of the Year: Olive Sprig. Thanks, John Cotner New Ulm, Minnesota BrianJ. Chassis: TF93K VIN #003 New items: Frame painted with PPG DP90 epoxy primer Alum floor, epoxy bonded & blind. I cleaned the floors and trunk thoroughly before sealing them both with PPG DP90 epoxy primer. I use it for the engine bay as well. This has made it a popular choice in the mining sector, for road transport tankers and in areas dealing with raw and blasted steel. I've been shooting DP90LF since the 80s when it still had lead in it (DP90) back then. Forum Sponsored By: - Please use this forum to post any items that you may have for sale. Give it 2 coats for even coverage but 3 coats is even better. This product breadth allows PPG to recommend the best coatings technology for any given customer's situation and vehicle goals. For bare metal it's your best choice if you want a moisture barrier. I don't think it likes heat very well. 9/1/2021 PPG Launches Virtual PPG Aerospace Academy Education Program. Do not post these threads in any other forum. what is a resonably priced stuff i should look for. I am going to use ppg dplf90 epoxy primer with a 2k urethane over that until I can get the money to paint the entire car. I personally painted the car with premium paint: Blasted to bear metal with glass (medium) Bare metal sprayed with DP90 rust inhibitor PPG. Non-sandable means you can paint over it up to 24 hours after you apply, after 24 hours the DP primer will need to be scuffed for good adhesion of the top coat. 1 quart PPG Deltron DBC 2000 color match, $107. Sprayed it in July, so I doubt it was a temperature issue. An "on gun" adjustable air regulator can control the amount of air you use. On this page you will find instructions for use. Ppg dp90 epoxy primer use instructions" Keyword Found. Would I buy it again for my next project? No, i don't think . It’s specifically designed to be used under Raptor’s Protective Coating to further extend the protective properties. Do I need to use a primer before applying engine enamel paint? A. 1- Can DP90LF be used for a sealer? If not what should I be using? "Car is to be painted with PPG bc/cc. Generally, you have two, or possibly three different catalyst choices. Everything else seems to be there. Here are the layers: -Omni mp170 epoxy. Problem is when I went to the paint supply house the only gallon of primer he had was all rusty so I didn't get it. For almost three generations we’ve refined and perfected. the hood is steel with fiberglass scoop installed with 3M panel bond. very tough stuff and holds up against chips and chemicals. 1 primer provides a tough, rust inhibitive base for most brands of Automotive lacquers and enamels. DPLV Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and top coated with many of PPG’s two component urethane. 55; 1 pint primer catalyst, $31. 1990 V10 / K5 GM Blazer Tub / Body assembly…. Which ever brand of primer you use, the P-sheets for it will tell you which cleaners to use before primer as aluminum can be very particular. 7/29/2021 PPG announces initial launch phase for PPG BOUNDLESS™ CA6500 topcoat series for general aviation market in U. The Raptor’s anti-corrosive primer is a 2K high-performance epoxy primer that contains a blend of anti-corrosive additives which help protect surfaces from rust and oxidation. Allow surfaces to dry for at least 30 days before painting cover coats. You can put two light but wet cover coats of semi gloss black lacquer over the DP 90 epoxy primer. DP40 is a versatile 2K epoxy surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. A PPG DP-90 bare-metal sealer was sprayed on, then three coats of PPG K-36 primer was shot, after which Richard wet-sanded it and the primed firewall to perfection with 320- and 500-grit paper. Every time I spray poly primer it gets blocked with 180 and then 240 dry. Exterior polyester primed / long boarded etc… top coated with PPG DP90 epoxy primer. DP90LV, Low VOC Epoxy Primer - Black DP90LF, Non Sanding Epoxy Primer Black (LF) . Front Skid Plate 2014-2018 Forester (XT MODEL) Regular price $329. AND WHEN I SPRAY SEALER I SPRAY IT ABOUT 35 PSI AT THE INLET OF THE GUN WITH ABOUT A 50 TO 60 PERCENT OVERLAP. Look into PPG DP 90 epoxy primer. The body was media stripped and all the rust (a very small amount, where the rear fenders mount and a few areas on the rear pan) were replaced with new metal. This car's body is 100% clean with ZERO crusty factory seam sealer left in it and ZERO body filler of any kind. How thick you lay down the epoxy primer also will affect this. We specialized in heavy truck crashes (semis rolled or wedged under bridges), but also did a broad range of refinishing, from garden-variety collision work to rail equipment to the occasional sailboat or jet-ski. The epoxy was given a 20 minute induction time even though it does not require it. Now I am a little partial because I have been selling PPG products for 19 years now. The car started out with a good coat of DP-90 on it. Colour Picker; Mixing Banks; Support. I am thinking about painting the underside of the car with PPG DCC 9700 black base coat. Ideally it is used as a wet-on-wet or non-sand surfacer. If possible use over black primer like DP90 Patience. When we do media blasting on the frames and the underside of the bodies, DP90 is a nice Epoxy Primer that comes in black which is awesome for the chassis and steel bodies. I ususally use DP90 and the high build that used to be called K200Alot of sanding, but man does it come out nice. DPLF Epoxy Primer mixed 2:1 with DP401LF or DP402LF Catalyst provides an excellent corrosion–resistant primer. VIBRANCE COLLECTION ® VP2050 DTM High Build Primer - designed for the custom and restoration market, this primer is easy to sand and provides high build and excellent corrosion protection. Gas will instantly stain it and / or wipe it off, same with WD-40. DPLF Epoxy Primer D8175 UHS Rapid Performance Clearcoat has been developed using the latest PPG clearcoat technology to enhance the innovative PPG paint system TP Features: Excellent Wood Primer A crystal clear blending additive that allows for easier application of Basecoat SB fade out and spot repairs A crystal clear blending additive that. Established in the year 1995, Bansal Traders is the leading Wholesale Trader of Asian Paints Emulsion Wall Paints, Asian Paints Primer, Wall Paint, . In addition this if for our members. Curtis, I didn't have the best of luck using PPG epoxy primer on an engine. OK, so I am doing this project for another guy and he insists on PPG paint. Then use a single stage poly for gloss and chemical resistance. DELTRON DBC basecoat, featuring toner enhancements, debuted in 1991. Thus, the instructions for the DP-LF state that you can thin it and use it as a sealer before applying the base coat or single stage top coat. Requested quantity is not available. 98: K36 Quart Primer Kit: 1 quart K36 & 1 8 ounce K201: $151. DELTRON DBU was PPG's first basecoat system, debuting in 1983, and soon became North America's best-selling basecoat. Since I am on a budget, I am just going to finish it off with PPG DP-90 black epoxy primer. We can't over-stress how important it is to read and follow instructions carefully. Next day here shot 2 coats of single stage PPG JTX shopline paint, 5 min between coats. Ideal for doors, windows, cabinets. DP90 epoxy primer to seal the bare metal and then multiple coats of K38 for blocking and then the final top coat with 4 coats of single stage DCC urethane wet sanded and buffed to perfection. While friends wanted us to preserve the "patina," it was just rusty primer to me. Direct adhesion primer Components Mix Ratio (by volume) 4120/3600 (Base) 1 part 0611/9000 (Activator) 1 part 0515/9000 (Thinner) 0. There is realy nothing wrong with it but most now use epoxy. frenchyd PowerDork 1/26/20 6:31 p. 02GN058 Structural Primer Structural primer is a fluid resistant, conventional solids, two-component epoxy polyamide primer formulated to protect the . I thinned it with Rustoleum's own thinner to their specifications. RSV1000 Mille, Mille R, and Mille SP (1998-2003) aprilia satin black paint. body: solid rust free sheet metal, ody was poly­media blasted (inside and out), coats ppg dp90 epoxy primer (inside/outside), 200 catalyzed primer/filler, locked 3 times, base clear coat beautiful lemans blue paint. It has one new door and fender. PPG makes an awesome product that has been out for a long time. results, or fitness for any intended use, nor does PPG Industries warrant freedom from patent infringement in the use of any formula or process set forth herein. Check out the pictures of this all new build and you will agree this one slick looking ride. It is presently primed with PPG DP90 LF primer (black epoxy). It contains color chips and corresponding paint codes for thousands of the latest color variants, covering both domestic and import vehicles. It is also an excellent sealer for use over TPA finishes. PPG MP282, High Build 2K Primer-Surfacer (1qt) & MH283, Normal Hardener (1/2pt) $52. 1 Epoxy Primer is available in three colors: White DP48LV, Gray DP50LV and Black DP90LV. The DELTRON product line is great for small to large collision shops; auto auctions; custom. If you felt like it you could spray a coat of grey sealer before the basecoat. I use the fast 402 catalyst when working at home to keep the dust out of the primer. Find Summit Racing™ Epoxy Primer and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Summit Racing™ epoxy primer is a user-friendly 2-component primer, free of lead chromate and isocyanates. MP-Series Epoxy Primers are recommended as part of a complete system when you must have the longest lasting finish possible. For sale: 1993 VECTOR HONDA (longtail version-the first car imported and shook down at Road Atlanta, hence the BBS wheels) All new Honda Fit installation by Honda Chief Engineer who designed the Swift DB1, DB6, Van Diemen RF99+, and CF(Crossle) Honda Fit chassis installation kits. I run with PPG DP epoxy primer. I would use this primer because I . (I have the stainless kit for the. Product Informa on Effec ve 6/16 2. Cab corners are the only rust thru. the industrial depot - fasteners, hardware and shop supplies the first thing we're gonna be spraying on is some ppg dp 90 epoxy primer. Then it was moved back to the cart, where they assembled the body with all the panels and clamped and properly positioned the rear quarters again to. 1 VOC, Flat, Gray, 1 Gallon, Each. I have a 1971 chevy truck for sale. Epoxy Primer DIRECTIONS FOR USE Epoxy Primer is designed for automotive refinish uses. DPLV Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and top coated with many of PPG's two component urethane undercoats and topcoats as well as waterborne basecoat. Extensive 35mm photos taken during restoration , available 4 onsite inspection, or call for PDF file to be mailed Vehicle / tub titled in CT complete Nose $1200 L Fender # 156144467. Known to be the best-selling refinish system in North America, the Deltron ® refinish system offers a track record of color excellence and process efficiency. The bed has side exit exhaust cut out. I brushed on black PPG DP90 epoxy primer and am satisfied with the results. The newer DDL 9423 is transparent due to removal of lead and such, so the black undercoat DP 90 LF reduces the number of topcoats for total coverage. Application: 1-3 coats with primer, or topcoat gun. PPG DP90 Epoxy primer is what you want after blasting. PPG Industries' vision is to continue to be the world's leading coatings and specialty products company. Available in gray, white and black colors in one quart and one gallon sizes made in the USA. Just my two cents from working on cars for over 40 years and from going to technical school on painting. Must be topcoated with an epoxy. -PPG Global 893 Performance clear. Even though it was spotless clean, it has flaked off in spots over the years. When used in high productivity WOW mode, it can be. Sand old finishes by hand or machine with 320 - 400 grit dry or 600 grit wet. That stuff adheres very strong to any surface. I am not getting ready to seal the car using DP50 (now LF). Relevant identified uses of the substance or mixture and uses advised against. I sure like the way it looks - just the right gloss for my taste. Advice needed from the painters - PPG DP40LF as primer/sealer. 1 Low voc DTM Primer & Sealer Black Gallon Kit, SMR-260B/261. I would wet sand it with 220 then use PPG DP90 epoxy primer. BRIGHTEN UP YOUR MAILBOX! As a member of our community, you'll be first to get our special offers, all the details on our latest products, and of course, oodles of inspiring ideas!. I assume mixing will make the clear more glossy. PPG Industries is a leading global provider of decorative coatings for the automotive industry, supplying a full product line of clearcoats, basecoats, and primers. I did mine with DP90 PPG epoxy primer {about 2 light coats} Very durable and I have found the shade to be a dead ringer, especially with a little quick detailer sprayed on and buffed off with a rag. This primer provides excellent adhesion to many types of properly prepared metal, fiberglass and aluminum substrates, as well as plastic fillers. • Available in Gray, White, Black & Red Oxide. Eastwood's 2K Aerospray "Urethane Primer Gray" High Temp Ceramic Engine Paints combine the durability and professional results of 2 part paints with the ease of application of a spray can. 75; Metal bite (some type of glaze), $22. PPG to Invest $17 Million to Build Aerospace Application Support Center in France. nuke - I painted the frame with a combo of Eastwood Encapsulator and PPG DP90 Epoxy Primer, then I top-coated with Eastwood's Chassis Black - turned out really nice! It has just the right sheen and is durable! I also used EW's Internal Frame Coating on the cab's support channel, and the closed channel near the rear cab mounts. The original body panels are in a satin black epoxy primer (PPG DP90) and the new panels are in the factory black (E-coat) EPD coating. Mixed Surfaces — Some primers and coatings need the entire surface to. The LCA's are actually a made of several parts; both cast and stamped steel. The body on the car is rock solid. It provides thorough protection on fiberglass, steel and aluminum and can be used as both a sealer and a primer. These can be blended to achieve a broad range of gray shades. Find the closest match faster than ever using the PPG Chromatic Variant Deck, supporting the Deltron ® 2000 and Global Refinish System ® brands. Cab completely sandblasted, all dents removed, all major rust repaired or replaced (cab corners, rocker panels, driver side cowl, floor, transmission cover, etc), and ready to lay down some. With the paint stripped and any corrosion blasted away, Mick immediately sprays the entire car with an epoxy primer. The global 893 and 894 are a very high solid content clear coat, compared to the Omni, or nason clears. I DA'd the entire body to remove all the oxidation and sprayed it with a tinted sealer to protect it while I worked on it. I use Ditzler DDL 9423 low-gloss black over Ditzler DP 90 LF black epoxy primer. i was this color and dicided that is wha t i want to paint. The first two pictures compare the original parts to the NOS part. PPG DP90 epoxy primer will rustproof the car as long as you don't sand it. About; Downloads; Tech Data Sheets (TDS) Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Customer Service; Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tech Tips; Product Selector Training; Selemix® Colour Picker ; Where to Buy. Dash was also blasted and primed. STEP 11: Apply a coat of epoxy primer as a sealer (PPG DP Series)*. 2K AeroSpray High Temp Engine Primer Gray. Apply DPLF or DPLV Epoxy Primer Magnesium No Recommendation Anodized Aluminum No Recommendation Lead • Wash with a 1:1:1 (ammonia : alcohol : water) mixture. As per the DP90 spec sheet you must sand the surface and spray another coat of the epoxy primer. The primer creates a perfect surface for the epoxy to stick to. 1 VOC (1 Quart Kit) Anti-Corrosive DTM High-Performance Primer. ALL For Sale (FS), Wanting to Buy (WTB), Wanting to Trade (WTT), and similar threads MUST be posted in the correct subforums. This sale is for the BASF Limco Supreme Plus 700+ Color Selector Fan Deck The key to any basecoat system is reliable color match. Eastwood Gray Epoxy Steel Aluminum Fiberglass Primer and Sealer Gallon 1:1 Corrosion Resistance. However if is the standard version it mixes 1-1. High-quality, adhesive 2-component epoxy resin-based primer. This black epoxy primer has excellent anti-corrosion and adhesion properties. 1 Epoxy Primer DPLV DP48LV (White) DP50LV (Gray) DP90LV (Black) DPLV 2. Yes, you can shoot PPG brand DP or DPLF epoxy primer at 60 degrees. Whats wrong with that? To Old school? LEON. Long story short, Ive used a few, and NOTHING comes close to the PPG DP90LF in my books, Im not a professional painter, I just much prefer . To add to what some of the other guys are telling you PPG DP expoxy primers are great for bare steel. I like to use DP-90 as my primer and spray PPG DAR9295 (Ford # for black) with DX685 as a flattening agent. The sheet has been saying that for at least 20 years now. When PPG introduced its DP-series of catalyzed primer-sealers more than 15 years ago, they simply called them "Epoxy Primer. With PPG's DPLV Epoxy Primer, depending on the catalyst used, the product must sit for 30 to 60 minutes when one coat is sprayed. I am going to use ppg dplf90 epoxy primer with a 2k urethane over that until I can get the Is there any place to buy ppg primers online?. tazjonez wrote:I believe that is the PPG DP 90 epoxy primer To seal all of the metal surfaces from rusting. Usually dark blues cover very good in 2-3 coats. Some recommend a primer, some say they can be used without. PPG to Debut PPG ENVIROCRON P8 Series Anti-Graffiti Coating at PaintExpo 2022. Then the body was enveloped in PPG DP 90 epoxy primer. A chemical bond is far stronger than a mechanical bond achieved simply by sanding. $8k without the engine and transContact me with questions. PPG FLOORING coating systems combine PPG's coating expertise and exceptional service. Epoxy, IMO is by far the best choice. The only products in the Deltron line from PPG that are etching is Dx1791, DPX171/170. The House of Kolor DTS Auto Epoxy Primer is one very versatile epoxy primer. Blast, clean, epoxy primer and single stage paint. I use the one primer (epoxy primer) from start to finish. I also replaced the drivers front floor pan. The epoxy primer from PPG is NOT an etching primer. No rating value average rating value is 0. PPG Automotive Coatings offers the widest selection of product technologies available in the industry today. The primer, thinner, basecoat, clearcoat, and additives are going to run me around $600. PPG Refinish Deltron 1 Quart Epoxy Primer. but I owned a restoration shop and can recognize the parts. I would use this primer because I have a bit less than a 1/2 gallon left. Directions for Use Surface Preparation: · Wash the area to be painted with soap and water, then clean with DX330 ACRYLI-CLEAN® Wax and Grease Remover, DX393 0. 68 Standard, Wimbledon (Polar) White/Red. DPLF Epoxy Primer comes in 6 colors; DP40LF (Gray–Green. But, if two coats are sprayed the wait is 60 to 90 minutes. 66, the Bullet Physics library has been integrated into the editor so we can use rigid-body simulations also outside of the game engine. I mixed it using the instructions on the can (2:1) and added a little 885 thinner. The solvents are still escaping from the epoxy and you topcoat with paint you. So we painted everything in PPG DP-90 epoxy semi-gloss primer (one of my favorite hot rod colors) and put some new chrome on the truck. Cross coat the large area surfaces in three directions - this eliminates streaking of texture. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for PPG Black Epoxy Primer Dp90lf Wirh 2 Quarts Hardener Dp401lf at the best online prices at eBay . These high performance floor systems are made for commercial and industrial epoxy flooring. JRANGER Posts: 1220 Joined: Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:54 am. After shaking, primer should be stirred to ensure any corrosion inhibitors, extenders and other pigments that may have settled during storage are brought back into solution. REQUIRED COMPONENTS Product Description MP-450 Epoxy Primer - White MP-480 Epoxy Primer - Grey MP-900 Epoxy Primer - Black. Yet, when applying over body filler, the wait times are very different — one hour wait time for one coat. Primered with NCP 280: epoxy primer by PPG. BODYVery solid! The body has been stripped and primed with PPG dp90 epoxy. In addition, he completely disassembled the convertible-top mechanism, repainted it with PPG DP90 epoxy primer, and reinstalled it with a reproduction convertible top and an original-style plastic. com DA: 26 PA: 34 MOZ Rank: 60; Directions For Use Preparation: Prime carbon steel immedi Wash the area to be painted with soap and water, then clean with SWX350 H 2 O -So-Clean Wax and Grease Remover, DX393 0. Example without writing a book, so you understand. A medium to dark blue will be fine with a black primer base. I was told DP90 is no longer available, if thats. Upon its return, every surface was cleaned and then coated in PPG DP90 epoxy primer. If it stays outside the sun will destroy it in a few weeks. ↳ For Sale and Parts Wanted ↳ FAQ's for MTF Parts and Troubleshooting ↳ 1969-70 Mustangs. DP40 is a versatile 2K Epoxy Surfacer. 1 VOC (1 Quart Kit) Anti-Corrosive DTM High-Performance Primer for Automotive & Industrial Use - Includes Hardener. 2014-2017 Subaru Forester 4" Lift Kit. When applied over bare steel, LP100 is an effective rust inhibitor. I wanted it sealed in other words. However, will this stuff hold up to UV exposure and other environmental challenges? Should I topcoat with something else. cost epoxy primer that I can buy or have shipped to CA. ppg epoxy primer black-dp90lf the industrial depot. Southern Polyurethanes is a manufacturer of automotive coatings for the restoration, repair and custom markets. 16-22 seconds in a Zahn #2 cup. Founded in 1883, the company serves customers in industrial, transportation, consumer products, and construction markets and aftermarkets. Let it sit in the pot for about 10 minutes, this gives the product time to mix and react with each other. 8L motor and trans, the weight of the car comes out to just a. Ppg amercoat 370 review Paint and Body. Extensive floor work / restoration & improvements. Call 763-755-9000 to order Gallon DP Epoxy Kit 1 gallon DP Epoxy & 2 quarts hardner your choice of color & hardner $544. As with the rear end I opted to epoxy prime and paint the parts. "I can't even estimate the amount of hours that he spent on just sanding," Jim exclaims. It can be blended with other PPG clear to adjust the finish. The epoxy should be wet but thin, not a hiding coat. DPLV Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and top coated with many of PPG’s two component urethane undercoats and topcoats as well as both solvent and waterborne basecoats. The pot life of this epoxy with the 402 catalyst is 8 hours, so the 20 minute induction time is not a problem… The filler is Rage Gold. Is there any place to buy ppg primers online? I have been looking and can't seem to find one. Again, to simplify the answer, Thermosetting in this circumstance is an activated resin that is used in urethane primer becomes a plastic type finish. or 4 interest-free payments of $13. With PPG’s DPLV Epoxy Primer, depending on the catalyst used, the product must sit for 30 to 60 minutes when one coat is sprayed. Last edited by stonebridge20; 02. I use an epoxy primer PPG's DP 90. PRIMER Technical Data Sheet Technical Hotline 800. Also, it seals any filler or other product on the surface which otherwise might tend to bleed through the primer and stain the base coat. It is Interesting that Ford applies 3 coats, water Based primer, water based Base coat and a solvent based clear coat and bakes, cures, it all at once. Rolled-on and brushed-on paint goes on heavier than spray paint and takes the longest amount of time to dry between coats. The Eastwood Company provides unique automotive tools and supplies, as well as expert advice and solutions, for the classic car and hot rod enthusiast. I have not gotten to painting the Federal planer yet, but I used my Buffalo Forge drill press to test out both paint (a PPG DP-90 epoxy primer) and painting technique (brush application). Sandblasted both sides of the pan, then a coat of PPG's DP 90 epoxy primer, followed by a coat of PPG 9700 Deltron paint, and finally a clear coat (PPG's Strato Clear). If you are looking for Best Epoxy Primer, simply cheking out our article below :. Urethane and Epoxy primers are activated and go through a thermosetting stage. It has a semi-gloss surface that seems to fit the machine. Anyway, it is all going to come off and get re-sprayed with good old PPG DP-90 Epoxy primer. While the shell was mounted to a rotisserie, the crew hand sanded the floors to 400 grit to prep them for paint. I purchased a used door and fender, stripped both parts to bare metal and placed in PPG DP90 epoxy primer and will be included with the sale of the truck. To learn more about new DPLV Epoxy Primer and other PPG refinish products, call 800-647-6050 or visit www. 1 Low voc DTM Primer & Sealer Black Gallon Kit, SMR-260B/261 119 $129 00. Then shoot your project in DP Epoxy Primer. Disclaimer: I knew the DP90 would never see daylight under the car so I wasn't concerned that it has no UV resistance. Will seal everything and you can bodywork right over it! Page 7 of 19 « First <. Epoxy Primer is a NON-SANDING Primer! The Correct Name Should be "EPOXY SEALER", because that's all it is! This product is a sealer to use on different surfa. I am pretty sure the PPG primer surfacer NCP can be shoot at 60 degrees. 2301 Royal Windsor Drive, Unit #6 Mississauga, Ontario L5J 1K5 888. PPG Refinish offers a wide variety of direct to metal (DTM) options, depending on your region or application needs. The epoxy can be mixed as a primer or as a sealer. 32 Quart DP Epoxy Kit 1 Quart DP Epoxy & 1 pint hardner your choice of color & hardner $166. The DP family is available in a variety of colors ( which shouldn't really matter to much, although DP 90 black seems to have a little advantage in adhesion. Two-part epoxy primers go one step further by including zinc phosphate, which increases its corrosion-inhibiting properties. Please do not try to sell items for friends. Note: please review our forum rules if you are considering selling any questionable items. Can I use engine enamel paint on my valve covers and engine bay as well? A. The DP-LF comes in different colors, but is not tintable. 1 VOC (1 Quart Kit) Anti-Corrosive DTM High-Performance Primer for Automotive and Industrial use Kit = 1 Pint Epoxy Primer +1 Pint. It can be reduced down 25% with DT870 Reducer to provide a thin, moisture-proof, sealing layer that gives you an excellent base to start working on. This is just really for the inner structure as I really just want something tough and that will seal well. I have heard people advocating PPG DP90 epoxy primer as a perfect match for the dash black out. As the automotive industry has endeavored to improve its environmental stewardship, PPG has been committed to developing more environmentally friendly coatings. Say sandblast whatever and spray some ppg DP90 epoxy primer on the part prior to shipping as example. we went with ppg's dp 90, which is an epoxy primer but reduced down makes it a sealant, and one coat gets it covered. RAPTOR 4:1 Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer Kit UP4830 Gray 5L 84 $146 60 Get it as soon as Fri, May 6 FREE Shipping by Amazon Speedokote Epoxy Fast Dry 2. Choose PPG Paint For Your Next Painting Project. GLIDDEN Paint Brand by PPG Announces Entry Into Spray Paint Category With Launch of GLIDDEN MAX FLEX Spray Paint. Developing products that protect customers’ assets in some of the world’s most demanding conditions and environments, including civil infrastructure, offshore, petrochemical, power, marine new-build, marine dry dock and marine sea stock. Below you will see my weapons in the war against rust when I restore a classic or muscle car: PPG DP90 Epoxy. The metal is 22 ga, satin steel. I was recently told by my local paint distributor that PPG DP90 epoxy primer was suitable as a topcoat. Find the right PPG Refinish Deltron 1 Quart Epoxy Primer for your vehicle at O'Reilly Auto Parts. If I had my car done in DPLF would I strip it down and start over? Absolutely not. He started by treating the body to DP90 epoxy primer, allowed it to cure, and skim-coated the surfaces with Evercoat Z-grip lightweight body filler, which he finished with 120-grit sanding. For a hull or a car I would do a high-build 2k primer (and sand the 2k primer smooth) between the epoxy primer and paint but that's not necessary on. 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