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Roy12 Hs2 ModsPlease don't buy my mods, my mods are priceless treasure to myself and not for sale. This guide assumes you have already done your skindentation in. This modding tool project is the collection of essential codes and resources to mod ILLUSION's AI/HS2. Continue reading August 26, 2020 HS2, Mod [HS2] Mai Shiranui Read the requirements section, please. Fit for TF Medium & BBWVR BubbleBottoms (no physics. 1 Before you start · 2 How do I install x mod? · 3 When I load a girl her face . Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. zip ダウンロードして解凍ファイルのテキストファイル以外の3つを「ハニーセレクト2」(HoneySelect2ファイルのある場所. Then remove this file: mods/[Roy12][HS2]Kula. netはネットワーク負荷、ストレージサイズ、サーバ性能不足の問題が発生しています。. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS IN THE POST Zip: roy12_skindentations. Download “System Shock 2 Mod Pack” System_Shock_2_Mod_Pack_1. [Direct Download] Honey Select Mods 2020. Recommended: UncensorSelector for HS2; Install: Drop the contents of the 7z into your HS2 install folder. jp の 無料アップローダーレンタルサービス によって提供されています。. [roy12] Accessories Pack 2 for AI and HS2 v1. 嗜血印 Priestess HS2 Head Mod - xyth24のイラスト. I was also known as Bagserk when modding Skyrim. AI/HS2 Tsukushi for $5 patrons. ( i know that some of them have bugs) leave hs and play ai syoujyo. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS IN THE POST. I moved from Ph to Ai very quickly. Posted on December 15, 2020 September 20, 2021 Author roy12 Categories HS2 , Mod. [Direct Download] [SSS Direct Download] [SSS Mirrors] Password: 6vRsNqpUzKyN4n8x. roy12 is creating Mods Select a membership level Pledge $1 or more per month $1 per month Join You're officially a patron and will receive one very thankful virtual hug. Read the requirements section, please. 2 Play Club version AnimationController. Posted on September 9, 2021 October 12, 2021 Author roy12 Categories HS2 , Mod. Drop the contents of the 7z into your HS2 install folder. roy12 is creating content you must be 18+ to view. 01: Added another skindentation accessory Added 5 skindentation thigh high socks (they're just. イリュ系自作MOD 頭文字が PH→PlayHome用 KK→コイカツ用 HS2→HoneySelect2. It's recommended to use this new method instead of using AlphaShot2 directly. 09fb961 d50ddbf 96f73e2 5cda244 @DeathWeasel1337 [KK,EC,AI,HS2,KKS] Added ExtendedData patcher and new extension methods for saving data directly inside some game …. It seems that cards which are not screenshotted from the game directly do not work period. 1: Overlay no longer needed, colorable make-up now included. Heinrich Pen CZ and 24 others like this. This means The Game-Modding Process requires knowledge about how the 3D Graphics and Unity Editor works. illustrator |( ఠ ఠ ఠ ) #Nachonyano #Nyaacho GOODS http最近ちょこちょこ見てる~なちょねこ先生可愛い #Nyaacho pic. Posted on January 3, 2022 February 1, 2022 Author roy12 Categories HS2, Mod [AI&HS2] Slide Shoulder Shirt Fix. Available for everyone in my site. So fancy backgrounds and texts on them. com and signed with GitHub’s verified signature. It will allow you to load all character cards and scenes and give you countless gameplay improvements while still keeping the original, uncluttered and clean feel of the game. Do NOT pick individual parts and use it on other head mods or vanilla heads. zipmod Contains: Waist Accessory x4 Socks x5 Install: Put the zipmod in /mods Requirements: Bepinex Sideloader Resource Redirector Hooah CopyChaBodyMat Recommended: AdditionalAccessoryControls DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD MIRRORS Changelog v1. 1 Subtitles for character maker, Fur, Sitri in HS2 v2. About Xyth24 · All my head mods will eventually be free (except some patron bonuses). #AI少女 #ハニーセレクト2 The following media includes potentially sensitive content. com/wp/2022/01/30/ … They can use vanilla compatible eye shadows, lips, cheeks, paints, face details, moles, and mouth and ear sliders work. Continue reading August 17, 2020 HS2, Mod [HS2] Marie Rose Read the requirements section, please. The mod adds a variety of Freckles, Scars, and Birthmarks, likely with more to come in the future. **Known issues:** Some long boots will still clip at the top if they're skin-tight. 7M: This site is supported by the lovely peeps over at Patreon and SubscribeStar. 09839ec @ManlyMarco [KK/KKS/EC] [Screencap] Added ScreenshotManager. Last DoA Girls Poll: Updated with results - Roy12 Mods; SSL working, progress on Rachel - Roy12 Mods [HS][Hair] Roy12's hairs2wigs 2. Big thanks to the community especially roy12 and enimaroah for the help. Then remove this file: mods/[Roy12][HS2]Evelynn. 0; Mods User Made Black Desert Photo Play Heroines Recommended Game OST Etc Costume mod(s) used 使用的服装Mod: Not Applicable. You can get something like that in HS2 by hitting the "m" key but it seems to only work in character creator. GPG key ID: 4AEE18F83AFDEB23 Learn about vigilant mode. Roy12氏キャラMODの紹介三回目です。ステージCということでステージA・Bに引き続き、紹介していきたいと思います。Roy12氏のキャラMODはコツコツと追加されていって現在総数が60体近くに上ります。このシリーズをやろうと思った時私はあまりキャラMODが好きでないこともあり、「多いなあ」と. Change settings View 1 8 roy12 @roy12mods · Jan 20. this mod includes 12 colorable eyes. Posted on January 20, 2022 March 28, 2022 Author roy12 Categories AI, HS2, Mod [HS2] Nagisa. I found character models from Yakuza games playing nicely with HS2, although I did encounter some minor but annoying problems that strangely didn't happen with Kaoru. 0 by SupaCyanjin on DeviantArt [HS2] Kasumi - Roy12 Mods [HS] Anna Williams - Roy12 Mods [Illusion Honeyselect] Ayane - DOA (roy12) 您是否在找:. Select 2 Libido a publié une vidéo dans la playlist Character [Roy12 Mods] + [Xyth24]. 0 Implemented subtitles for VR mode in KK and HS2 v2. Also, it supports only directional light, so you have at least one in your scene to work. This commit was created on GitHub. Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes, I am 18 or older Join now for $5 per month. Contains zipmod + Graphics presets. This site is not covering whole 3D content creation process such as Blender Tutorials, Photoshop Tutorials and Game-Engine Tutorials. The mesh UV must be the same as the. Refer to MOD Guide for my studio environment. 4 · #honeyselect2 HS2 custom character Elysia - xyth24のイラスト. Reduce shadows appearing far from the modified verts. jp の無料アップローダーレンタルサービスによって提供されています。 簡単な無料会員登録を行っていただくだけで、スマートフォン対応の便利なアップローダーを無料でレンタルできます。. HoneySelect mods are not usable in PlayHome, that includes Character mods Posted on March 9, 2021 April 6, 2021 Author roy12 Categories HS2, Mod [HS2. The game was released on September 9, 2016. 0 脸部皮肤 [Roy12] Microbikini 迷你比基尼 [Roy12] Slingshot 细带比基尼 [U2M] Shoes AJ6 AirJordan VI鞋 出自Zod论坛坛友 Timinem [Un1imit3d] AIS_HD_Skins_190915 高清皮肤 家族崩坏 playhome 19 大概30. (2022/02/19) チンコが正常に表示されない問題について / About the problem of the penis not displaying properly ハニーセレクト2 MOD FAQ [hooh's modsについて]- Honeyselect2 MOD FAQ/Troubleshooting [about hooh's mods]. Contents1 Requirements2 Disclaimer3 Rules4 Getting your mesh ready5 Exporting the mesh6 Importing using SB3UtilityGUI7 Possible problems you could find Requirements Blender Hooah CopyChaBodyMat SB3UtilityGUI Recommended:AdditionalAccessoryControls Disclaimer Not beginner friendly guide, because the guide is long enough already. -Overlay Mod for HS2 If you use a repack then it may have all of them installed already How to use: Just drop the mods and UserData folder to your HS2 folder (no need to extract the zipmod file) Load the included card then modify it if you want, I do not suggest building the character from scratch. Gunbreaker circlet not included. This is a layered mesh, so if something is too close to the underlaying body, it must have the same topology, down to triangle and vertex positions, to better avoid clipping. These are just replica of Nier: Automata characters by using character creator in Ai shoujo/Honey Select 2. Honey Select (ハニーセレクト in Japanese) is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. Is wideslider included in the core download of the HS2 R1. Nice! Tweaked some of the preset belly shapes to reduce stretching. Only the verts that change should get normals updated. To view this media, you’ll need to log in to Twitter. Wait for R2 if you want everything in place Early adapter pack! Wait for R2 if you want everything in place. You get access to a Patrons only Discord channel. zipmod file with 7-zip, right click on manifest. modファイルが正しくインストールされているか確認するバッチファイルです。 hs2_mod_filechecker. 常见问题: 帮助中心 如何下载 如何发布隐藏帖图片外链帖 新人必看如何升级 论坛常用代码详解 如何压缩图片及加水印 图床推荐. I recommend using Sarah's mod by Roy12, personally I think she looks great in this Samus costume. ALL - Heel Angle Limit Mechanism is disabled temporarily. Language: English (United States) United States. Just drop the mods and UserData folder to your HS2 folder (no need to extract the zipmod file) Load the included card then modify it if you want, I do not suggest building the character head from scratch. Refer to the FAQ for scene troubles. This mod aims to increase the options people have to customize their character, without having to switch out their skin textures constantly. Public · Anyone can follow this list Private · Only you can access this list. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Happymod se enfoca en proporcionar 100% mods de trabajo para los fanáticos de juegos y aplicaciones. Recommended Mod(s):-Graphics mod or DHH. to hs, so I don't update or made new mods. This site is supported by the lovely peeps over at Patreon and SubscribeStar. Remember you can use vanilla hairs with all girls so far given that you modify the bone cf_J_ScalpLength_S with ABMX’s advanced window, along with all the other bones in the included CustomBonesList. New Skin & Face Shaders + textures, aiming to improve the visual look and provide realistic skin shading for your characters. zipというファイルはあったのですが、こちらのことでしょうか?. Beauty 3D Model AI Girl Honey Select 2 Libido. what's up with these default messages? You get access to previews of work in progress. 肉感ビッチさんを作っていて感じた物足り無さ、それは体型でも衣装でも無く"設定"でした。. 制服もちゃんとMODで出てるんですよね。」 タマ「変わった専門学校の制服ですね。」 ミケ「そういうことになってますね(笑」 タマ「というわけで、今日はあの大人気キャラが!という紹介でした。」 ミケ「まったねー」 〇参考リンク Roy12氏のキャラMOD Stage C. Just a simple request, was wondering if anyone knew any mods they can share for the game. There's so many mods and updates and patches that I'm super confused to what I'm missing. You’re free not to follow this rule, but you will run into issues. EITHER USE THE CARDS INCLUDED IN THE MOD OR REMOVE ANY OVERLAY MODS AND Drop the contents of the 7z into your HS2 install folder. [AI] Nyotengu [Roy12 Mods] Tifa. Downloads: [Direct Download] [SSS Direct Download] [SSS Mirrors] Password: jhAVxZ3npMH6nqfe Additional Comments: Cute girl, she should make for a nice kuro gal. After you are done editing, commit the changes and start a pull request. ハニーセレクト2リビドーのキャラ保管庫です。 (honey select 2 lbido) 2020年10月30日以降のデータから 「honey select 2 lbido dx」が必要なところもあります。. Jan 26, 2021 · - Updated IllusionFixes HS2 to v15 - Updated HS2_BepisPlugins to R16 - Updated 2155X’s HS2_HCharaSwitcher to v1. Continue reading [AI&HS2] Vanilla Face Moles to Body Paint Posted on July 25, 2021 July 25, 2021 Author roy12 Categories AI , HS2 , Mod [AI&HS2] T-Pose for Character Creator bin" el cual pegaras dentro de la carpeta donde se encuentren los demás archivos del So far I've created more plugins than I can remember, HF Patches for multiple games. Then remove this file: mods/[Roy12][HS2]Misaki. krand You can find more information : http://brangnim. I like to mod games, namely sometimes making outfits, editing them, etc. This mod is a compilation of mini mods that aim to increase the quality of life in the main game and Neo. Fixed an issue where using an older card with newer version of Preg+ would result in. Samus Aran for Honey Select 2 by Dyo-Anima. xml and select Edit, remove the line AI Girl, save and close notepad, select OK to update the file For more information go to HF Patch: The easiest way. I'm probably missing something. If you really think my work is worth donating. This is pretty much the final versionish, almost. Unlock this post by becoming a patron. If you want to make a simple edit simply open the file in question and click edit. Changelog: Initial version for HS2. almost everything is better so. [Roy12]Takumi And Lusamine Pack v1. Changelog: HS2 version of the AI mod. 簡単な 無料会員登録 を行っていただくだけで、 スマートフォン対応の便利なアップローダーを無料でレンタル できます。. It requires a specific release for HS2 since some things changed that made the AI mods not compatible with HS2. [HS2] Kanna - Roy12 Mods - Roy12 Mods - Erogame Mods Online roy12mods. The mesh must follow the body topology to a certain extent. modの導入記事を参考に導入したのですが、ClothCollidersのインストールで困っています。 ダウンロードのリンク先にHS2_ClothColliders. If you need some good resources to learn, Please search google or the YouTube. The new screen capture mode improves how transparency is handled. Head mods will require specific neck seam fixes for HS2, as the neck seam also changed from AI to HS2, that will eventually come in the form of an update. Usage: Load any of the included cards wherever you want. This modding tool's base has been created by roy12, and I added some nice, easy-to-use modding tools to make everyone's life easier. All content is tested 0Added DeathWeasel's HS2_StudioCustomMasking v1 HoneySelect mods are not usable in PlayHome, that includes Character mods Posted on March 9, 2021 April 6, 2021 Author roy12 Categories HS2, Mod [HS2] …. ) Feel free to convert, upscale, downscale, as you please. Sadly, right now, most of these mods are down because my MEGA account died a while ago. You get to vote in polls for next mods. !creator is not me !Character Creator [roy12] : https://roy12mods. Somewhere in between, I discovered I also like to mod 3D eroges a lot, which is why I've been exclusively. The scene data after 2019/05 is SmartCard. This mod intended to work with Graphics plugin ONLY, which means it's won't work with DHH. Source code (zip) Source code (tar. HF Patch for Honey Select 2! A patch for Honey Select 2 with all free updates, fan-made English translations and essential mods. 2022 Author roy12 Categories AI, HS2, Mod [HS2] Nagisa. HS2 Archives - Page 5 of 5 - Roy12 Mods Category: HS2 [HS2] Tina Armstrong (Added SSS) Read the requirements section, please. Complete Documentation / Modding Tutorials. dllが見当たりませんでした。HS2_Colliders v1. See the HS2 MOD Guide for more information on the MOD environment. HoneySelect mods are not usable in PlayHome, that includes Character mods Posted on March 9, 2021 April 6, 2021 Author roy12 Categories HS2, Mod [HS2] …. In HS1 I remember a "jiggle" mod that let you play with breasts by hovering the mouse over it. batをハニーセレクト2のインストールフォルダに保存して下さい。 バッチを実行すると同じフォルダに結果ファイルhs2_mod_filechecker_report. 1 Fixed using the wrong object type causing HSceneInstance to bypass null checks v2. Then remove this file: mods/[Roy12][HS2]Leifang. Thanks to essu for making this possible. Features Here is a list of features you can find in this plugin: Faster loading in the chara maker: if you have 10000 Normal Tops, this is for you!. All content is tested and fixed (or removed) as needed before each update. Are you 18 years of age or older? Yes, I am 18 or older. Another option you can add to your character with this mod, are some gnarly stretch marks, in a few areas. That is, porting heads from other games into these Illusion games. Tifa HS2 New Workflow Head Mod. [HS2] Kanna - Roy12 Mods - Roy12 Mods - Erogame Mods Hot roy12mods. This content might not be appropriate for people under 18 years old. !creator is not me !Character Creator [roy12] : https://roy12-lwd. have a HS2-specific version like Roy12 ones, others you can try to port from AI-Girl with this workaround, but do it at your own risk: Open the. · Crowdfundings are not meant to be . This will make a copy of the original project in your account. Releasing the shader free for everyone, plus the. 3 · #honeyselect2 WIP - xyth24のイラスト. zipmod; Changelog: Initial version for HS2. for sure I will never comeback. zipmod: 2020-09-05 18:11 : 12M [Roy12] BlackDiamondShoes. [ ] · [roy12] Kanna Chara Mod v1. Capture API to match AI/HS2 screencap (for use by other plugins). If you encounter any problems, please refer to FAQ - Troubleshooting. · I will release 1 HS2 mod per month. how can i mod all roy12 mod from AI girls . There's only support and donation here, please don't consider this buy and sell. I've taken some time off from Youtube (because i am still sick and with an. I'm currently working on HoneySelect2 Head Mods. Also I added some individual bones for the teeth, you might find some use for them if you. By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts. Nyaacho mod Nyaacho mod HS2 Mods NYAACHO - Nyaacho Mods Today | Scholarship News Updates. comand You can find more information : http://brangnim. How to add or improve translations. February 13, 2022 Author roy12 Categories. 貧弱なサーバーから新しいサーバに乗り変えて維持・管理する費用を支援してもらると助かります。. HF Patch can repair many common problems, try it if you have issues with your game or mod setup. Known Issues: Main Game - Sometimes H …. Available for everyone at my site. Guide Archives - Roy12 Mods Category: Guide [HS] Hair Importing Guidelines (v2) Continue reading May 6, 2018 Guide, HS [General] [Tutorial] Importing skinned objects into Honey Select July 28, 2017 General, Guide [HS] [Tutorial] Output 16 bit textures from Blender and dither to 8 bit Hello guys. If you have more translations to submit fork the repository. Dyeable and long glove/boot compatible. com Install: IF THE FACE DOESN'T CHANGE COLOR EVEN AFTER UPDATING, EITHER USE THE CARDS INCLUDED IN THE MOD OR REMOVE ANY OVERLAY MODS AND RESET ALL THE MATERIAL EDITOR CHANGES YOU HAVE ON THE GIRL, THEN SET THE RESPECTIVE TINTS, NAMED TINA IN THEIR RESPECTIVE SLOTS. I've been having lots of issues with HS2 cards not showing up. Rest of the face can be modified with the usual. 2 Subtitles are now part of the scene so they can be scoped to XUA translations v2. Here it is, a port of Tifa's Dissidia leather outfit for tall girls. r07, ovd2, 0ox1, 93q1, orn, vtos, wn0n, zs3, qs7p, 9pk, x4b, zyei, bve0, ct7r, h2x, 1vb9, 9nn, 38al, i3u0, yk89, im1, oktv, w7dd, 0u8, v38, z6f5, oqm, 9d32, 4jeu, ej6p, 7juy, tf7f, 1zoh, uaax, tz7b, a6m, iiq, auy, l82y, recs, uh1z, ins, 4qj, noe, t8z, 5wc, aqz, 3bz, 0ch, 01di, b45, 5db, 7ve7, lwuc, 2ydt, c5bz, kn9, xkvk, 3k6e, 49lj, gvmw, 3d9