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Soukoku Fanfic Ao3Soukoku, Shin Soukoku, KuniDazai, RanPoe, SteinCraft (Bungou Stray Dogs) Thorki, Batjokes, Jarley, (DC one), Stony, Klance, AniDala, GriffGuts Just give me …. writing blog ~ currently: BSD, MDZS, BNHA. Kiss Kiss Fall in Love is now available for download for free, with an option to Pay What You Want if you want to leave a …. This year’s AO3 Collection can be found here. It goes on like the sound of a beating heart caged in your ribcage, …. Shouto is a God, and helping his old man out wasn't part of his plan. Start your review of I was screaming your name through the radio. Alone in a Minefield With You AO3 …. He didn't need the other half of Double Black, of Soukoku. net DA: 18 PA: 34 MOZ Rank: 56 It was taken just before he'd proposed, when Shouko …. net cũng nhiều fanfic hay tuyệt, mọi người có thể coi thử nhé. Sterek Recs -Sterek Recs- Alphabetised List …. Popular illustrations, manga and novels tagged "Soukoku". PARRING: namgikook / rm x suga x jungkook. Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. oneshot, au - canon divergence, major character death, angst. [Bungou Stray Dogs] [Soukoku] Tuyển tập truyện ngắn - [Insomnia_Productions] Chỉ lần này thôi (đừng có quen thói đấy) Tên gốc: Just This Once (Don't Get Used To It) Tác giả: Insomnia_Productions @ AO3 …. Don’t steal Wattpad’s valuable intellectual property. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Search Works Work Search: tip: katekyou "alternate universe" sort:>words. TikTok video from emilia 😷 (@kiiw1_): "or college au idfk 👎🏻 #bungoustraydogs #ao3 #soukoku #kiiw1". Guide sẽ giới thiệu chung về cách sử dụng + những điều cần lưu ý trên các nền tảng (platforms) trong fandom – hay nôm na hơn là các trang web để …. sweet touch The Umbrella Academy Fanfic //Five x Reader-warning: nothing -summary:Five is a little touch starved. Ryuunosuke/Atsushi tag on AO3 shinsoukoku stories on Wattpad akuatsu stories on Wattpad. - ;; established relationship between soukoku - takes …. Bob ; 16 Active on twitter: thirsty4titties Ao3: bobsuffers syntheticorange: the-future-now: An audience member stopped World Science Festival host …. Each recommended fic gets a review from the recommending librarian and each post will be linked on the library's main page. What is Tododeku Cuddle Fanfic Likes: 590. 20 • PH • Tsurune • BSD • Fanfic …. As today is a fools’ day I thought I may share here fanfic I wrote 2 months ago Here’s description: “He came back and stood over him holding a …. why ship soukoku (dazai/chuuya)? 1. guns 🥺💞: WOAH ginger emo 😒💔: I- Atsu calm …. After an incident at a banquet, Lance and Keith are forced to convince everyone that they’re dating, including their own teammates. Đăng bởi: channyachan 132499 - 4489 - 78 Tác giả: Tây Tây Đông Đông Thể loại: Ngôn tình, hiện đại, lãng mạn, ngược nhẹ, HE Nguồn: Kites Editor: Ngocdth Độ …. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Well there are a few good Soukoku fics that I have come across-. A Spring Without You is Coming ao3feed-soukoku: “enjoy this story on AO3 or the insomnia fic nobody asked me to write but I did anyway. Just a glance in my AO3 bookmarks can show you, Soukoku, Suzalulu, and Shizaya are in there. Summary: Life may be a bit strange but life has nowhere to go but forward. BSD Fanfic 1855 truyện liên quan bsd, bungoustraydogs, chuuya, dachuu, dazai, dazaiosamu, dongnhan, soukoku, kho truyện tổng hợp hay nhất Truyen3S …. Sólo quieres meterte en bardo, no respetas gustos ajenos, ofendes sin razón, no respetas pronombres, eres homofóbicx, bifobicx, racista; te …. ao3 tag bundle Sticker Soukoku's fluff [gay pride] Sticker. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Archive of Our Own beta. Fellows with nothing more than …. Soukoku Hell 🔥 Aspiring Writer AO3: Witheryvine Twitter: CyannaWine You Wear Jealousy So Well (Day 31) Dazai loves Chuuya, he really …. 27-jul-2021 - Guess I'm forever stuck in Soukoku paradise. It was fancier than anything he was used …. I showed this tiktok to my grandma to make her laugh, but now she’s all excited and actually wants to make a chocolate potato cake. (Semi-AU where Atsushi and Akutagawa are canonically recognized as shin soukoku. red ears, red faced quickly turns around and covers his face. Trapped in a Romance Novel! by Duchess Anime. Anyone who’s seeing this, I beg you to reblog. ship: shin soukoku genre: pure fluff prompt: a late night at the agency with atsushi and akutagawa. Russian translation by Nastie04 ! Spanish translation by …. " "I'll come by as often as I can. Sinopsis: Se supone que son mejores amigos, los mejores, y por ello no deberían guardarse secretos. Shinsou sighed as he stood in the waiting area with the drink he’d gotten from the little bar set up in one of the corners of the …. The Skk Library will incorporate only fics where Soukoku …. See more of Ariadna HoshiSora on Facebook. A city on the verge of destruction. #fyp #fypシ #SHEINcares #foryoupage #bsd #bungoustraydogs #chuuya #dazai #dazaixchuuya #soukoku #fanfic". More power to ya, But, It's just not my cup of tea. bungou stray dogs fic recs! By twelve, Chuuya would kill for him. High-quality Otp Tapestries designed and sold by artists. If you think that's a lot to take in, then you may want to take a break from reading before we get into the mechanics of A/B/O mating. Or under the cut on Tumblr: Soukoku, Bungou Stray Dogs, Chuuya Nakahara, Osamu Dazai, soukokufluffweek2020, soukoku fic, bsd fic, stormbringer fic, skk stormbringer, stormbringer freeform, yashiro-ink liked this. " Akutagawa warned and released Atsushi's hand to rest on his shoulder instead. Some of my early sketches can be found here: Keep reading. Mi first traditional Soukoku is a commission for @arashidono ^____^ it’s based on the fic “a tip of bone torn from its flesh” by carlynagisa on Ao3 …. this is how every high school soukoku …. I'm just putting my fave SKK fics (medium to long only). There are so many good ones out there, but one of my favourites is a fanfic of The Owl House called House of Gold by Mossy Bones on Ao3 (I can’t …. Đề tài event: Ngày 1 (08/09) an yên. YOU DON’T GET TO DO THIS AND SLIP UNDER THE RADAR. Ryūnosuke Akutagawa (芥川 龍之介,, Akutagawa Ryūnosuke?) is a member of the Port Mafia and has the ability Rashōmon. An ongoing fic known as Corruption, it is by an anonymous creator. The Skk Library will incorporate only fics where Soukoku is the main pairing. anime/manga fanfic FanFiction Fanfiction. this is a really shitty story idk what even are y'all doing here😐 but thanks bubbs ️. Fandoms: 文豪ストレイドッグス | Bungou Stray Dogs. ・゚:* Prompts *:・゚ Welcome back into the fray! This time, you’ll need a ship and a crew to survive this adventure! Here are the prompts …. @bring3rr ͏@YUI66666 ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏͏ ͏ ͏ ͏ ͏. We found at least 10 Websites Listing below when search with akutagawa x atsushi lemon on Search Engine. Although, BSD and K are both ensemble anime, they do each feature a character that may ostensibly be considered the “main” character, in …. Fanfic tends to be popular among certain types of neurodivergent people (aka people most likely to read excessively as a child, …. Summary: That apartment had felt so weird to Langa when he first moved to Okinawa. You’ll feel it when you like someone. Source tehtariks Via chubsthehamster. Atsumu just wants to be a problem child. Relationships: Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya (Bungou Stray Dogs) …. Thích nhất mấy fic nói về cái bệnh Hanahaki ý, vì Akutagawa …. Original Otp hats and caps designed and sold by artists. Todoroki Shoto, one of the best hero the world know, a symbole of peace, justice and hope, has a terrible secret. (side note; Soukoku was announced to be rank 58 among 100 different fandoms on AO3. Nakahara Chuuya has a hard time knowing his limits. Class 1A is going on a trip to Yokohama and they weren't expecting this much chaos. Bokuto shoved the man back a step, brows slanted into a …. For Love And Revolution (AO3) When after four years Dazai decided to go chuuya osamu dazai my fics soukoku week FLAR bsd fic soukoku fic. High-quality Otp throw blankets designed and sold by independent artists. a mistake in it so I remade it #bsd #ao3 #wattpad #dazai #chuuya #soukoku #fanfic #otaku . And as some of y'all know me from discord, I love making Phoenix Wright cry XD For MitsuNaru discord server Valentine event. anime: bungou stray dogsAHHHHHH SOUKOKU IS SO STRONG AHHHH I CANNOT i love these two so muchi didnt do the first 2 …. Soukoku Hell 🔥 Aspiring Writer AO3: Witheryvine Twitter: CyannaWine Fifteen Translation: phase. I'm like 98% sure its a oneshot but if not its a complete fic Premise is Dazai and Chuuya get divorced and re-marry all the time so that way . I don't mind romance in Soukoku fanfics but. ao3 : lazarus_r_us (hehe there’s already some bsd content on my page if you’re interested) bungou stray dogs bsd fic bsd atsushi bsd ryunosuke shin soukoku sskk soukoku fanfic …. You're so beautiful," Chuuya moans softly and I kiss him deeply as we both try to collect ourselves, I still feel the aftershocks of his orgasm around me …. theyseeme-nighthunting-theyhatin Which fic is that? jocysoto It’s called Cradle by …. notes: this was my 100th fic on ao3, so i decided to return my roots and write oddly poetic ada shin soukoku…. How can I help you? Peter: Hey, can I get three medium pizzas, please? One cheese, …. I am full of love for BSD more than ever. And if you like yandere Dazai, I don't think they would float your boat cuz I'm a heavy angst enjoyer, love is not exactly a priority of mine when I read something I can try and look for something tho 3 level 1 AckitaruS · 4 days ago Chūya Nakahara EXPLICIT:. Chuuya let out another sigh as the light turned green, and he glanced at his partner. Guy on phone: Hello, thank you for calling pizza delivery. Dazai Osamu struggles to express himself without music. Imagine walking down the corridor, doing your task as a crewmate, then the light turns off. Bungo stray dogs reversed au soukoku Dazai took over as boss when Mori mysteriously disappeared, and took odasaku as his right hand man. In the photos, Rosé was seen wearing a black …. in sskk "Kiss My Wounds" AU chapter 7: I'm Falling (Deeper) "Don't get any funny ideas. I'm now taking them here (I made a Tumblr to help manage the generator…. 😂😂 Thank you! Hello there! omg this may be the hardest ask i’ve ever gotten but i will do my best!! hilarious af omg this is one of the best sskk end up stalking skk and REGRET IT FLKDJS. 54 illustrations were posted under this tag. Soukoku omegaverse! (I know this is so laaaate alksdakls *screams* pls dont kill me) (I know this is so laaaate alksdakls *screams* pls …. Dazai: Yet you look for the WORST fics you know. I am no longer taking suggestions from the comments. By sixteen, Chuuya was ready to …. However, an unexpected phone call reveals that his old partner may be turning into the man he used to be. I love TV shows, movies, reading, fantasy and animals :) estebanwaseaten: ironbite4: Trump is losing Texas. Hang ‘em on walls, drape 'em on beds, div. Chuuya, who had been the one to save odasaku that night, left. I NEED SHIN SOUKOKU FIC RECS BAD YOU GUYS! In no particular order (all AO3 links in the story titles): - The Canary Sings a Cradle Song by HybridEmpress While driving to a rendezvous point to meet up with Chuuya and Dazai, Akutagawa and Atsushi get into an argument with each other that leads to a car crash. multifandom edits! bnha/kpop/peraya/sbfive cast | 中文/Fil/Eng OK!. Mods should be able to keep up-to-date with recent Soukoku fics on tumblr and on AO3 …. " Dazai denied, leaning back on the kitchen counter. On the ranking of top 20 pairings of 2018 in Japan, Dazai and Chūya had came on the 7th place, while their voice actors were placed at 20th. fanfiction idea - highschool AU/16 Chuuya is a new kid, loud, tattoos, piercings, japanese rock, straight Cs, Koyo is his guardian Dazai is a child who knows Obama's last name but is silent and skips. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #fanficrecommendations, #fanficrecomendations, #fanfictionrecommendations, #fanficrecomendation. While Chuuya was worried about where Dazai could be he met a b fanfic nakaharachuuya lgtbq +6 more # 7 Insulted Flirts | Soukoku by Kana 35. Ryuunosuke has a wan smile on his face, as well. Their main ship name, Shin Soukoku, comes from the fact that when they team up Dazai labels them Shin Soukoku, a new version of his own …. The fact that Dazai was a member of the Mafia is an analogy of the life of the real Dazai who participated in criminal opposition movements. Hey guys! Since i gained some followers because of my last prompt, I’d like to introduce myself! You can call me Naokki, I use she/they …. Lucy is a pale-skinned girl with a short and slim build. More delivery boy!Chuuya and youtuber!Dazai (express delivery for love) headcanons: - When Chuuya first appears in Dazai’s video, he is dubbed …. thử nghiệm & thất bại (trial and error) “chỉ …. Chuuya's just a god stuck on an island. The song Chuuya sung was recommended Insomnia_Productions (on ao3), it's called Darkness My Sorrow and is so pretty Find it on youtube! Go! …. Pinned Post bungou stray dogs bsd bsd fanfic shin soukoku atsushi nakajima akutagawa ryunosuke akutagawa ryuunosuke akuatsu bungou stray dogs au character aesthetics ao3 AO3 fanfic 55 notes Aug 9th, 2021. nce au ccb map downtown rochester mn roy holtum lasha lomidze highlights world of warcraft infernal …. I might post these on my wattpad in the future but for now this is an AO3 only fic. “And that’s not true; I don’t even know …. Showing 1 - 108 of 10,207 unique designs. The OCR feature is required to read from image files (jpeg or png), scanned documents, inaccessible PDFs, or …. "Don't say that!" Chuuya blushed slightly, his tone snappy. › Atsushi x akutagawa fanfiction lemon. Drop happy soukoku high school/college au fan fics I just read this one and now I want more. I like stuff hehehe || I'm a fanfic writer cuz what else am i to do with my life lolol || Vitya_Viktorie in ao3 cuz idk how to link owo vityaviktori Vitya 1. So, there’s only like 3 Windbreaker fanfiction and 2 crossovers. I had never shared anything I …. Based on a popular artwork I did for …. If you guys like Mpreg or don't mind that type of stuff. I don't really know much Yandere Dazai fics except for Black Shadow in ao3. Music brings them together, but tears away reality. Leia as melhores histórias escritas pelos fãs com a tag Soukoku - Página 52 Desde a primavera do ano …. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. The truth is, sometimes you will hurt people. In another, they’re— s omething …. Ft- Ranpo with his snacks enjoying the drama. Chūya Nakahara (中原 中也,, Nakahara Chūya?) is a member of the Port Mafia as well as Dazai's former partner in Twin Dark. Words: 607, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English. Tags : #bsd #bungou stray dogs #fanfic #a work in progress #awip: chapter 3 #soukoku 6 notes / 2017-12-13 A Work In Progress - Chapter 2 - Bungou Stray …. ⚠️Do NOT repost without credits ⚠️. Yoohyeon—because her brain is wired …. can y’all send me some good fanfic that includes the following ships: soukoku, shin soukoku, ranpoe. Introducing the Soukoku Library’s Fic Recs! Once a month, every librarian will highlight a few fics that …. You can find the link to my Ao3 in my link tree or you can find the links to most of the stories in the Febuwhump highlight. Don’t make any commercial use of Wattpad. On AO3, Soukoku is the most written ship within the Bungou Stray Dogs tag; Chūya's most written, as well as Dazai's most written. It shows that they care for each other deeply without having to say it. soukoku 5540 truyện liên quan chuang2021, châukhavũ, into1, liuyu, toukenranbu, yzl, zhangjiayuan, zhoukeyu, kho truyện tổng hợp hay nhất. #ROMWEturns12 | your shopping destination for the latest fun trends. Any ao3 soukoku fics you recommend? I love reading fanfiction and it’s such a shame that I have not read one for my favorite pair in bsd! Please, recommend your best ones! The user setosdarkness on AO3 has a TON of great soukoku fanfics! Just choose one!. Dazai is dating and ADA wants to know who's his partner so dazai is messing around with them. "You didn't seem to have any trouble with …. “you’re boring as always!why can’t u be a bit more crazy like others yk u and i are the most famous and wanted. What is Mha X Suicidal Reader Likes: 620. Ok so like a bsd soukoku fic but genderbent. 𝐢 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐰𝐚𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐝 𝐭𝐨 𝐝𝐢𝐞 𝐜𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐲 It’s then that Dream realizes that perhaps everyone around him was trying to escape this …. B U N G O U Soukoku Shin Soukoku HiguGin Poe x Ranpo FukuMori Browse Browse Paid Stories Editor's Picks The Wattys Adventure Contemporary Lit Diverse Lit Fanfic…. Tiêu đề: Mái nhà của trái tim | Tên gốc: home is where the heart is. 😂😂 Thank you! Hello there! omg this may be the. Ink in the water by Weeping Willows (I think it is a really good series and it is completed). Omegaverse is a sub-genre of Yaoi. Dazatsu is the slash ship between Osamu Dazai and Atsushi Nakajima from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom. That was why Soukoku had been so feared. You panic, and suddenly it came back with Dream …. TikTok video from damian (@moominpilled): "sorry for not posting for ages i’ve been so busy with school 👎 #soukoku #skk #bsd". Ao3: FallenAkito Main Blog: justbebenaddicted Decoden Blog: philia-decorart Home message archive Work Ao3 RP January 06 2017 19:45:18:823 …. Atsushi and Akutagawa's relationship is one of the more important ones in the series, mirroring Chuuya Nakahara and Osamu Dazai's relationship. But when someone from Dazai's past is resurrected, old memories come back to haunt him, and he discovers things about himself and his powers. Profile settings, following, and Dark …. Or, if we want to be more diacritically accurate, sīc. They’re Soukoku and they’re spiteful and they’re tangled up in one another more than they’d care to admit. Soukoku | Double Black (Bungou Stray Dogs) Based on a popular artwork I did for whumptober, Dazai has a major drop and seriously injures himself in the pursuit of agony's bliss. " The duo was named Soukoku after one memorable night during the events of. They make it work, just for a little while. Most of the soukoku fanfics I read are updated once a month or even longer so yeah. I mean I'm always down for good fanfic. I’m not going to organize them out for you. it’s me boy the ao3 website speaking to you inside your brain listen to me boy we don’t need sleep we don’t need it 1k 5k 10k 15k 20k get your daily dose of angst boy i’m sorry. Read the most popular bsdxbnha stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform. Please read, vote, and comment! First one, yay I got …. On Archive of Our Own (AO3), users can make profiles, create works and other Content, post comments, give Kudos, create …. i haven't been really keeping up with skk fics recently so i don't have any recent recommendations for you. “won’t u get excited on ur first day of work?”. I finished the smut I was writing //D… I really hope you like it. You don’t have to be a Soukoku shipper to understand that at the very least, it is canon that Chuuya cares, as seen in the Double Black chapter/episode. Just doesn't sit right with me. “People have always told me: ‘You’ll understand once you start dating. about Star ⋆ She/Her ⋆ 24 ⋆ Professional Daydreamer ⋆ Dazai Stan star-tear 아름다웠던 그댈 search. Ao3 RP October 09 2016 1:02:17:001 Just leaving this here bc I am writing on my omegaverse fic and yeah. Mình mượn tên idol lồng ghép vào nhân vật. Why it still was, even years after its dissolution, especially now that the pair had proven that they were still more than capable of working together when the need arose. Sorry for posting 2 times in 7 hours I just think I'm funny 💀 This fic is out on ao3! It's called Hopelessly Devoted and I wrote it :) #skk #soukoku #dazaiosamu #bsd #fanfic #ao3 #hopelesslydevoted. Words: 1900, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English Series: Part 2 of soukoku …. Synopsis: Chuuya had not expected the mission. What is Tododeku Cuddle Fanfic Durable flexible case that grips around the edges of your phone,Shock absorbent TPU case with anti-fingerprint finish,Colors are …. If time can stop right there and then, Ash …. some side ships on your way (I do not own Boku No Hero. A short and hopefully funny Soukoku & Shin Soukoku fan comic. Gogol as a leader of a gang and Fyodor as a representative from the Russian government sent to crush them. Because in all the ways that mattered, they were equal. , mineta dies, light meets soukoku and saiki k in the good place, endeavor is kidnapped, and clora meyers-clean becomes a hero, all in …. #soukoku#fic rec#skk fic rec#ao3 soukoku#bsd#bungou stray dogs#chuuya and dazai# . Okay, so: Latin has this word, sic. Dazai/Chuuya Tumblr/Ao3 Digital Summary: Based on Stargazerlilith’s fanfic, Mine Preview: based on Neil Gaiman’s The Dream Hunters. something about Chuuya (who is a male) getting …. First things first, I am probably not in any position to make recommendations; I’m just a Soukoku …. org/works/14746614 — chuuya is a top in this fic !! — he's also a sugar daddy — yes, we have more . 2 - Different First Meeting AU, ft. YES! I don’t know if you want multichapter, in-progress, or just shorter one-shots so I’ll keep a mix of recent ones I’ve read (summaries from the actual fics): soukoku …. "Chuuya-" "I SAID LET GO OF ME!" Dazai hesitated for a moment, watching the anger and pain swirl in the other's eyes. Fanfic by cyanoscarlet (Tumblr | AO3) “I’ll miss you,” Atsushi taps on the tunnel glass, blinking away the tears threatening to form. Soukoku Week Alternate Universe - Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies Alternate Universe - No Powers Time Travel Alternate Universe - Time Travel Dazai and Chuuya are 2 high school rivals. I didn't add fics that are super popular because they're fairly easily accessible through other lists and sorting by kudos/bookmarks/hits on ao3. Về một vài ngày có thể xem như an ổn dù thật ra cũng lạnh tanh. setosdarkness @ AO3, sofuckingmoe @ twitter • mostly soukoku, chuuya • (99% of my non-fanfic posts queued) Search Posts soukoku + reincarnation eventually, i will become yours [@ ao3…. skk soukoku dazai osamu nakahara chuuya bungo stray dogs bsd my fanfic stuff a new fic would you look at that something people actually followed me …. Image icon link for issues related to profile. He sighed and picked up the outfit that Shibusawa gave him. During late nights, Atsushi hears the sound of the kettle whistling. Chuuya’s Bday Fic 2021 (Soukoku…. If Kunikida knew the Demon Prodigy had gone missing years ago, then they were probably safe. Ressurected Memories by Bumblebee504 reviews. here’s my ao3 if you want to check some of my work I am currently working on a soukoku college au and I am probably going to start posting in a few weeks …. li Pinned Post bungou stray dogs Bsd fanfic Bsd fanfic Soukoku Shin soukoku My first bsd fanfic Ao3 i am trying my best Its fluff I swear Domestic fluff akutagawa ryuunosuke nakajima atsushi dazai osamu ao3 fanfic. Beauty and the Beast AU Dazai x Reader Cursed to become a monster, Prince …. #IFTTT #ao3feed #fanfic #fan fiction #Bungou Stray Dogs #BSD #fukumori #zenki soukoku #BSD Fukuzawa Y 2 View Full jessbeinme15s-notebook 24. - Tựa (tạm dịch): Một mùa xuân thiếu vắng cậu đang đến gần - Tác giả: likeshining - Chuyển ngữ: Ruii - Nguồn: archiveof. For other BSD fics please visit our sister site ( x ). casuallykrispykitty liked this. Search: Tododeku Cuddle Fanfic About Cuddle Tododeku Fanfic Recent Posts 2C WM 0F N3 6S A7 9U C3 EL MP 54 0G 4B HG BD 8P YE 8S D7 1S What is Tododeku Cuddle Fanfic …. FREE! | Bungou Stray Dogs | UtaPri | GRANRODEO | Mamo | Hosoyan ❤ ** SoukokuParadise on AO3 ** . Tags: #alldazai #bsd #bungoustraydogs #chuuya #dachuu #dazai #dazaiosamu #soukoku [Bungou Stray Dogs] [AllDazai] Tôi đặt bút viết về người 13654 1531 …. I am part of the bungou stray dogs fandom, and I wanted to write a soukoku fanfic but sadly I’m still not that far into bsd yet and I do not know … Here an …. When Atsushi Nakajima enters the …. name’s roxanna // ao3: liberteas // i write! currently into: bungou stray dogs & soukoku. Nguyên tác: Bungou Stray Dogs của tác giả Kafka Asagiri. Anonymous said: Can you recommend me some soukoku, or chuuaku,fanfiction but with angst,please? Because I'm a sucker for seeing Chuuya hurt, . Hello, world! Welcome to my small space of craziness where I express the things I love! I hope you enjoy your stay! ^^. Summary: An unpleasant nightmare has Dazai acting a little clingy upon Chuuya's return from a two week long mission. soukoku smut has been made a synonym of Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya Smut (Bungou Stray Dogs). Shop clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, home essentials & more! Be fun, be unique, …. Any information you publish in a comment, profile, work, or Content that you post or import onto AO3 …. Dad hats and baseball caps with adjustable snapback and buckle closures to fit men's and …. And together, they fell asleep on the couch, wrapped up in each others arms. It was only after the death of his mother that he finally took the opportunity to flee from that monster of a father. Congratulations to all soukoku fanfic writers!) Congratulations to all soukoku fanfic writers!) Tagged as: soukoku …. "According to Sakaguchi Ango of the Special Ability Department, four years ago, a man named. " "Dodging is one thing, fighting is another. Higuchi Ichiyou (Bungou Stray Dogs) Threat of torture. Dazai, in that eccentric dream, was clad in a long, …. Words: 490, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English. To say it was a surpise would have been an understatement. So none of the characters have an ig account. It wasn't home like the cabin in Canada, it was small and dim and barren. yeah i definitely cried a lot during these, so enjoy :D. Arms crossed with an oh-so-perfectly casual lean against the doorframe, Hu Tao looked as if she couldn’t decide to laugh or chastise. Lechery [ Yandere!Dazai X Reader ] - 006 Lechery ( noun ) excessive or offensive sexual desire; lustfulness. And finally there, at the end of ruined street, stood Dazai. Without warning, he pulled Chuuya into a tight embrace. Chuuya X Dazai Dazai X Chuuya Chuya X Dazai Dazai X Chuya Soukoku Modern Au Chuya. unrealistickoifish-deactivated2. Pairing: Contains mild Soukoku (Dazai x Chuuya) and Shin Soukoku (Akutagawa x Atsushi) if you squint Author: Canna / Yellow Canna Available on AO3…. By fourteen, Chuuya would go to war for him. This story is an Akutagawa x Atsushi fanfic This is an omegaverse Highschool edition Also this is a 14+ story so if you don't like things like smut and mild cureing I don't advice you to read it, but if you're okay and don't mind that kind of stuff then I hope you enjoy this fanfic…. first time working together after dazai leaves for 4 years? without talking to each other, chuuya just jumps from his position, casually uses dazai’s shoulder for leverage in order to kick the enemy in the face, while dazai …. #it's a fic #bsd #bungou stray dogs #soukoku #shin soukoku #akuatsu #dazai osamu #atushi nakajima 127 View Full rayshippouuchiha 08. Discover short videos related to soukoku fanfic recommendations au school on TikTok. Hopelessly Devoted by Soukocacola out on ao3! Read it now! #skk #soukoku #dazaiosamu #dazaicosplay #bsd #fanfic #fanfiction #ao3. TikTok video from zoeyʚ♡⃛ɞ (@ranpos. Let’s get one thing straight here, the rating is not just because Soukoku …. Soukoku is the slash ship between Chūya Nakahara and Osamu Dazai from the Bungou Stray Dogs fandom. Characters/Pairings:Dazai Osamu/Nakahara Chuuya, Akutagawa/Nakajima Atsushi. And wakes up to an empty house, and the lingering scent of tea. Familiarity with Bungou Stray Dogs and Soukoku is required. Or, the Bungou Stray Dogs Soukoku Café AU that absolutely nobody asked for and I'm writing anyway. Tính đến thời điểm hiện tại, với độ dài 22 chương và 1100+ kudos trên AO3, để nói rằng đây là một trong những fanfic đồ sộ nhất và nổi tiếng nhất trong fandom soukoku …. A normal Chat Fanfic - No swearing. shin soukoku housemates! shin soukoku akutagawa likes his tea atsushi is a low-key stalker During late nights, Atsushi hears the sound of the kettle whistling. Dazai only smirked and closed his eyes. HD!Dazai deciding to pretend to be …. Dazai doesn't turn around, tilting his head lazily to watch Chuuya out of the corner of his eye. Atsushi piped up, ever firm in his loyalty towards Dazai despite the man's own stance on the matter. Soukoku Fluff Week 2021! We got a bit quiet on tumblr this year, but we do have received a lot of entries on twitter and ao3 (a total of around 200), so please do check out our accounts there!. See more ideas about my hero, my hero academia, boku no hero academia. Dazai x Chuuya, “Bad Medicine”: Medical whump, angst/hurt/comfort fic about Dazai after he’s left the mafia, grieving Odasaku’s death through self-harm …. ・゚:* Prompts *:・゚ Welcome back into the fray! This time, you’ll need a ship and a crew to survive this adventure! Here are the prompts for this year’s Multiverse …. bl food hero desastre humano con una inclinación a unirsemo a demasiados fandoms, disfrutar de las artesanías y comida. But first, they need to find the one who is manipulating everything. darkeecofreak: nolongerangel: aja154ever: wasoradiant: Well, it’s basically an AU, so unless Asagiri finds a way to tie it to the main …. Bungou Stray Dogs Fanfic: ShatterPairing: Soukoku Rating: T Other places to read: AO3 | FF. tbh I didn’t intend to write a bday fic this year but I ended up writing some kindergarten fluff so if ya want, give it a read XD. So, I was reading a Soukoku Fanfic. Anonymous said: Hi! So I read a Dazai x Chuuya fanfic on ao3 a month ago, but I forgot the name and I was wondering if you happen to know it . Introducing The Soukoku Library: A comprehensive archive of Soukoku fanfiction. do you have any fic soukoku recs for like figure skating au's? or maybe just your fav soukoku aus. This is a festive gift for the amazing mods of the BSD writers & artists discord server ! A Collaboration with wonderful @artmakira , please go check out the gorgeous fanfic …. 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