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Touma Meets Mugino FanfictionIn this alternate timeline he has fallen after events that took place after the World War 3 arc. Shocked silence filled the room as the occupants gazed at the newcomers. A sheen of sweat glistened off her skin, and her chest heaved with her breathing. See Accelerator tries to befriend people around him and faces some troubles with some romance included, actually a lot romance includ. score: 5,959 , and 63 people voted. >>139869456 >>>139868758 # >She got Fiamma'ed by WR. The delinquents were basically fighting against a stationary tank or bomber jet. A Certain Strange Addition (Fanfic) - TV Tro…. To create a fandom page, a minimum of five non-stub ship pages must exist before the creation of the page, as well as at least 10 more ships able to be listed on the page once it is created. Shirai Kuroko & Mikoto Misaka & Shokuhou Misaki are in the same grade. Erotic Dream: Kyon has one about both Mugino and Asakura. 2) A new set of crimes inspired by the infamous …. These are recommendations made by Tropers for A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun Fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. He probably gets a part-time job or something. The story begins when a then monkey-tailed boy named Son Gokū meets a girl named Bulma. It was like being told to stick your hand in a box and that something bad would happen once you did. Call for a FREE Consultation at: (206) 467-4592. She is the creator of the Level Upper, a. Today, the annoying girl Misaka Mikoto who has been . After the project was stopped by Touma, several clones are still around after the project. Accelerator doesn't know much about his past, but when he briefly meets a student named "Subject 37" that calls him by a name he doesn't recognize, he longs …. Honestly if Shiina knew that the girls were half naked the whole nostalgia thing wouldn't come into play. It was heavenly being married to two beautiful women. So, with that said, know that this has nothing to do with my . Kamijou Touma (上条 当麻, Kamijō Tōma?) is the main protagonist of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and also the important character inToaru Majutsu no Claves. Related to Fan Wank, this encompasses. Touma later found out Misaka's dark secret and managed to convince her not to fight Accelerator. An Original Flavour fanfiction created by Stormwolfex. But something happens to the leader of this place –Aleister Crowley – dies. get up and get ready to go meet Kamijou Touma outside of his school soon. Proof that the remaining 10% is worth having your illusions broken for here:. The fourth Level 5 esper, and the leader of ITEM. The arcs are named after their central character (Misaka Mikoto, Kamijou Touma, etc. But in the light novels it's narrated from Stiyl's point of view, and we see how a magician views Touma and why he becomes The Dreaded. To you this is merely a display of theater, and your turn to take action will be at the final act. Guide: —this is Touma’s narration of things— this is current Touma’s thoughts. "Not until you beg for mercy, Railgun. Heaven Canceller makes a joke about them getting kids in his gift which flusters both Mikoto and Touma. Touma took the white box with red wrappings after setting the jacket down and began to open it. Complete, First published Jun 09, 2020. He's too much of a monster to ever cross back over the Moral Event Horizon. Touma with Mikoto by chapter 4, with Ruiko by chapter 5 and with Misaki by chapter 23. Taking a look into the file, Mugino found that this file was completely covered with redacted statements all over the damn document making it difficult to read. Hitting up the chrome app on your smartphone you load up fanart of Misaka and Touma before picking a rather nice picture and handing it to the Ace of Tokiwadai. "Kamijou Touma, you're pretty pathetic for a . " Daishinji was currently in his workshop, putting the finishing touches on the Dogouken Gekido alongside the Wonder Ride Book that matched with it, Genbu Shinwa. Each spell has a unique function. Touma managed to stop Accelerator from killing Misaka 10032. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge the fact that this chapter was necessary. The story follows Accelerator as he tries to leave his path of villiany and attempts …. b Mugino wouldn't see anything special about him unless she see him use the imagine …. My name is Mugino Shizuri, a level 5 esper. It has been announced that Kamijou Toumais officially looking for a date! What happens when it's announced that Kamijou Touma is looking for a girlfriend? THERE. 7 A Certain War Of Azur Lanes » by FunbariVoid Touma, Accelerator and Misaka was been transported into the Azur Lane's dimension in this …. and from it didn't come out fire this time but a blast of light similar to that of the #4 Mugino. Freaky Sunday Flip: Because of Eve's chaos magic, Touma and several of his friends end up exchanging viewpoints (not actually their bodies). We do, Cenotaph's there, Green Sun is there. Mugino was busy on her laptop researching a particular boy she had met yesterday. They still go to the beach, where Otohime may or may not try to confess her love/seduce her cousin. Mirai Sarutobi (猿飛ミライ, Sarutobi Mirai) is a kunoichi of Konohagakure's Sarutobi clan. It was about my fanfic idea that all the known Level 5s are female and fall in love with Touma. The soft stuffing easily changed shape and a space opened up between the collar and the bear. 8 A Certain Scientific Bass Cannon (Railgun Fanfic Vol 1) » by LonelyDiggin This is a fanfiction series around the universe of "A Certain Scientific Railgun/Toaru Kagaku No Railgun" (とある科学の超電磁砲. Misaki is obsessed with him and idolizes the version of him that still remembered her. A title you were given after easily Killing a army of the most powerful grimm while taking a casual stroll across the overpower ruby rwby +20 more # 14 Special Friends by Just Monika 7. Kamijou Touma (1) Tsuchimikado Motoharu (1) Mugino Shizuri (1) Kinuhata Saiai (1) Frenda Seivelun (1) Include Relationships Misaka Mikoto/Shirai Kuroko (1). So the dream went normal where the girls (Mikoto, Mugino and Misaki) doing couple stuff with Touma. Of Science and Magics is a What If? story set in the A Certain Magical Index universe. Entire migration will take ~10 days to complete. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here. Upon meeting him and realizing he doesn't recognize her, she investigates and discovers they kept his memory loss a secret, to her ire. Touma single-handedly defeated a force that was enough to subdue a Level 5 esper with ease. "What have you-" "Shut up you dolt," the being of ultimate power insults almost as a matter of course. Author's note: This is a fan fiction made for entertainment purposes only. This event was then known to all organization spying on the …. b Mugino wouldn't see anything special about him unless she see him use the imagine breaker are see his hero complex in action and fight skills. The second time was with the same kick to the side she attempted on Touma, which was painfully telegraphed and obvious to anyone not running their mouth and being disrespectful (like Mikoto). #fairy #fullbuster #gray #gun #heartfilia #index #kamijou #librorum #lucy #mikoto #misaka #natsu #prohibitorum #rail #scarlet #tail #touma #wattys2014. " The boy who was Kamijou Touma seemed to have understood the situation. Due to her numerous absences, the teachers decided to transfer her from Houjou's music division to a regular class in her third year. When he gets up, WORST looks at him and says, "Tou-san, Misaka had a awesome dream last night. Dramatic Irony: When Haruhi meets Touma, she immediately dismisses him as ordinary and boring, unaware of his powers and heroism. Shizuri Mugino looked at the scene with a bored expression on her face. They were both 8 in the picture. A Certain Magical Index II (とある魔術の禁書目録II) is an anime based on the light novels created by Kazuma Kamachi and is the second installment of the series. You went over a prime factor of Touma thats often overlooked or quickly skimmed, which is his average interactions with people in saving, and, most imporantly, his self-deprecation. Anime » Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目 …. Naruto king of the hive fanfiction. See Accelerator tries to befriend people . Touma had to make sure to be twice as careful as before. Either I'm dreaming or some idiotic experiment has gone horribly wrong. Misaka Mikoto is the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, which involves with her dealing with the darker elements of Academy City, sometimes with a little …. What is a sequel and what isn't is wonky tho, to give the example Game of Kings isn't there. Mugino Shizuri, Kinuhata Saiai, and Takitsubou Rikou. Germain but were there any other significant interactions. Kara was wearing this silvery lingerie that hid little to the imagination. After seven years, it finally gets a third season, and its first episode eases us back into the semi-Utopian Academy City, which is presently preparing for the Daihesai inter-school sports festival. Mugino Shizuri is Touma's Older sister. This lovely individual is Kamihara Y/N, read as he 'accidentally' catches the hearts of those around him in his rollercoaster of life. AnimeSuki Forum > Anime Discussion > Older Series > > Anime Discussion > Older Series >. Schools across Academy City decide to pick one low-rank student to go to a higher-ranked school. Later, he come across Misaka 10031's corpse and meets the Sister Clones. Meets Goddess and gets wishes and reincarnates in the anime The Testament of Sister New Devil as Basara Toujou. While it wasn't intentional on the authors part I don't think, it is telling that their is a fucking Maid School in Academy City. Childhood friend of the Kamado family, he seeks to find the remaining members when he discovered the wreckage that was their home. Contains cards from the A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun Series. As I have shown previously, Touma and Mugino don't always come to an agreement and do have verbal spats. " Mugino chuckled as she left the bridge. "Kamijou Touma, you're pretty pathetic for a legend who managed to dissolve ITEM by bankrupting all its backer. Touma was giving Mugino a piggy. The story of the most complicated, erratic and abnormal landlord and tenants started from here. (WARNING: This quiz was created assuming the people taking it are very familiar with the Raildex universe including the Toaru Majustsu no Index light novels, the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga, and the various official side stories written for the universe by the author, Kazuma Kamachi. Jahy generally dislikes humans and doesn't seem to have romantic ambitions, but she might be overpowered by the sheer punching aura of Touma and fall in love with him, though that might not be a good idea, since Touma might kill her just by touching her since she's a phase construct. 6K 557 12 Just a saiki k fanfic. She has a knack for stylish clothing. Accelerator woke up after hearing Yomikawa's voice. Just to give my fellow Touma/Mugino fan's out there something they can enjoy. One of the biggest issues is half the arcs come down to the same plot - Touma or Misaka meet some girl (and yes, it's always a girl). Touma Kamiyama (神山 飛羽真, Kamiyama Touma) is the main protagonist of Kamen Rider Saber. When his talk was finished,he saw that accelerator has …. It was different from having a venomous spider or carnivorous dinosaur approaching you head-on. " She ushered Touma and Last Order inside when they heard automatic gunfire again after it was quiet for a few seconds. Touma Kamijou is the main protagonist of the the light novel, manga, and anime series A Certain Magical Index, a recurring character in the A Certain Scientific Railgun side stories, and the main protagonist of the franchise. Comments: An AU fanfic where Touma joins Judgment after the Graviton Bombings which gets him involved in the events of the Railgun anime and …. See Accelerator tries to befriend people around him and faces some troubles with some romance included, actually a lot romance included. The Radio Noise project was originally devised to mass produce Level 5 esper clones of Mikoto Misaka, but only managed to produce Level 2 or 3 …. Misaka sees him as a hero and wants to stand by his side, but is held back by her childish side. Mugino was on his right side; she turned away from him. Nevertheless, stay tuned for future updates. GhostofTime: The final fight is for, well, the finale. Guide: — this is Touma’s narration of things —. Shirai Kuroko and Musujime Awaki meet by chance, and agree to become friends with benefits — but somewhere along the way, they start to develop feelings for each other. >If nips on 2Chan are to be trusted >Yuitsu had WR and sucessfully used it unlike Lensa did with IB, fight happens Touma gets BTFO but stands with Salome's help as both were tired after dealing with Mikoto's shit, Yuitsu off hand comments says she took it from it's original user(I don't know. Kazakiri flies off on her own (to save Index, presumably). Touma hard loses to any level 5 but Misaki in a real fight though, Misaka is to stubborn to attack anyway but head on generally because she wants to prove that she's stronger than a lvl 0 and Accelerator's losses have happened while he's having a mental break down and forgets how to fight. They're part of the 20% of students. Below is a list of fandoms and the ships within them that do not have fandom pages yet. This is sometimes directly referred to and explained, and sometimes not. Net; probably not canon compliant; Summary. Kamijou Touma, the spiky-haired high school boy with a palm-sized fairy on his shoulder, looked around while leaning against a nearby wall. It was only by the grace of the divine that Third Wheel Rikou was there to pull the two back into cover. A story of Misaka trying to rediscover her past and connection with Kamijou. 3)The Avengers deem the a certain member of Academy City Avengers material and have decided to interview her. He had been to London before, but that did not mean he knew his way around. Kazusa Touma (冬馬 かずさ Tōma Kazusa) is a heroine in White Album 2: Introductory Chapter and Coda. Touma negated Mugino's assaults in a Railgun OP, so he can deal with her plasma beams temporarily. That was what Touma thought as he kept on rejecting people who was in need in front of him. Inside the office, Touma saw a black-haired girl with glasses tending to a young student wearing the uniform of Sakugawa Middle School with a artificial flower headband. Because when you have virtually everyone in the cast coming together for the last hurrah, it really is an eternal party, and there ain't nothing. The story follows Accelerator as he tries to leave his path of villiany and attempts to become a more normal human. Language: English Words: 38,675 Chapters: 6/12 Comments: 74 Kudos: 103 Bookmarks: 10 Hits: 2103. This includes the original Light Novels, the anime adaptations, the Manga, and the games. Touma's Big Damn Heroes moment in episode 26 of Index, when he comes out of no where and defeats the enemy with a single punch, all while reassuring a friend. Misaka discovers the magic side and now the magic side wants her. In the headquarters of the Science Side, Academy City’s strongest Level 5 Esper Accelerator has washed his hands off the “Darkness. " She ushered Touma and Last Order inside when they heard automatic gunfire again after it was …. This is part one of a two part, maybe three part story. Hamazura meets with Acqua (implied friendly meeting, AFAIK). Index has an eidetic memory and has been forced to memorize thousands of magical grimoires which could be terrible in the hands of the villains. Mikoto meets a girl one summer, loves her, forgets her, never remembers her again. Nameless (formerly known as Touma Kamijou) is the protagonist villain of A Certain Angel Of Blood. Fanfiction Discussion Thread - Page 277 - AnimeSuki Forum. And we all know the saying, when magic and science meet …. Mugino kept an eye on her and watched as she did it a second and a third time, all whilst shooting fire arrows at Hamazura and Kinuhata. Kamijou Touma? - Mugino had heard that name recently, the message he received, said that he had to kill a certain Kamijou Touma and they . At that point, Jahy-sama hijinks meet ToAru filler hijinks. At one point, Stiyl seriously thinks he might be fighting God. Kirito was chosen to be one of the one thousand beta testers for the closed. This Fanfic Provides Examples of: Apocalypse How: The initial driving plot is the fear that a freaking Class Z could occur if Touma were to touch Haruhi. Meanwhile the two spectators listening from a distance were almost left in speechless disbelief. It is rather cute and rather comic the shade of red Misaka turns as she shes the image. Suddenly, Karen smashed the room door then attempt to take Claves away but Maya kicked the priest out from her room, but Karen's reinforcement and surround both Maya and Claves. Her name was chosen by Asuma in belief of protecting the future well-being of the children of the world. The end of the summer season heralds Railgun S’ final episode, and it’s an one whose title …. Eventually, unless Touma is able to knock her out cold with a punch, she will easily defeat him. This event was then known to all organization spying on the two of them and was called the Riverside incident. Knowing how powerful the Imagine Breaker is, Mugino immediately to postpone the battle knowing that winning against him is impossible. Language: English Words: 38,675 Chapters: 6/12 Comments: 74 Kudos: 105 Bookmarks: 11 Hits: 2200. Index is a Member of Tokiwadai. Anonymous 2016-04-09 18:39:07 Post No. People knowing the real Touma aren't surprised while the others are. After rescuing a hauntingly familiar girl on the streets, Accelerator finds himself being thrust into a world that he never expected to be in. Unlike last time, this outcome ended on a less than positive note. "YOU BASTARD!" Mikoto yelled and shooted a lightning on the criminal who punched you. However, within this world of scientifically developed super abilities. An impact found its way to Touma’s cheek, knocking the Level 0 to his knees. Young Princess Celestria Young Princess Luna Young Discord Younger Twilight Sparkle Chaotic Pony of Chaos (Enemy of Celestria, Luna & Discord) Old Big Mac Old Applejack Old Applebloom Old Bab Seed Boss of B. Misaka Mikoto is the protagonist of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, which involves with her dealing with the darker elements of Academy City, sometimes with a little help from her friends. To him, London was an unfamiliar foreign city. The end of the summer season heralds Railgun S' final episode, and it's an one whose title couldn't be more fitting. I can't even find cause to say Mugino is the least useful anymore because she hasn't jobbed in ages and doesn't make touma's life hard. ) In this story, you take the perspective of a fictional fourteen year old Esper with a power nicknamed "Bass Cannon," whose life. A city comprised of colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools all designed to develop and create espers. Friends to Lovers Supernatural Elements Cross-Posted on FanFiction. A world that centers not on science, but something else completely. Her eyes opened and she fell against me, her breasts rubbing my chest. The journey he takes spirals to a mission to kill a man and assist his friend. : Hey you little grunt what are you doing on the ground like that (three females walk out one had long blond hair and blue eyes she wore a black tight-fitting sailor suit (Frenda Setvelun: member of ITEM) the second one was a tall slender woman had soft tea-colour hair she wore a black shirt and a red skirt (Mugino Shizuri: 4th level 5 Meltdown. He'll have to go up against the scientist that helped developed his Esper ability, Kihara Amata, to do so. harry potter absorbs ley lines fanfictionfirst spear tubes installation. Cover for SilverFang88 (Fanfic Author) based on his To aru Majutsu no Index fanfiction. Start of an uneventful summer for Touma. If Touma fought OT 15 Mugino, he would've won the fight, it would have been painful and a close call like every other fight against a level 5, but he …. Ever since erroneously watching the first season of Railgun before Index, I've always preferred Railgun and its focus on the quartet of Misaka Mikoto, Shirai Kuroko, Saten Ruiko, and Uiharu Kazari. Kirigaya Kazuto (桐ヶ谷 和人, Kazuto Kirigaya), born as Narusaka Kazuto (鳴坂 和人, Kazuto Narusaka), and known as Kirito (キリト, Kirito) in «Sword Art Online» (SAO), «ALfheim Online» (ALO), «Gun Gale Online» (GGO), and «Project Alicization», is the protagonist of the main Sword Art Online series. Accelerator and Touma are childhood best friends. Series: A Certain Magical Index / とある魔術の禁書目録 Material: Soft Rubber Size: about 60 × 60mm Attachment: Ball Chain. From the date and file name written on the edges of the paper it seemed to be a printout of a file. Misaka Mikoto dies and everyone is devastated. ), and the chapters are called "Scenes" as if they were movies (the. She is the 4th-ranked Level 5 …. This is a sequel to an old short blog fanfic I did some months ago called Lizard creature in the apartment room "I'm saying I'll hurt you if you stay" Replied the creature that was once Kamijou Touma in a voice deprived of joy or life. WAR! A continuation of A Certain Boy and a Certain Infection. A Certain Magical/Scientific [Wandering Swordsman/Code Vader] (Wiki) Fanfiction. Pre-WWIII, Touma is a bland character, something that turned off many a readers and viewers. She is the daughter of Youko Touma, a wealthy world-renowned musician. : Touma beats the crap out of Kakine and looks down on him with regret. He possesses the mysterious "Imagine Breaker" in his right hand, which is capable of negating all forms of magic, esper powers, and other divine abilities. The Third World War has been ended by the efforts of Kamijou Touma. For example, a woman wearing a suit and a lab coat out for a jog with her golden retriever could be considered to be normal. Mugino Shizuri (麦野 沈利, Mugino Shizuri?) is a recurring character in Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun. Besides, forget about Takitsubo; Mugino and Kinuhata, who were also with him, were of the scariest kind in Academy City. I would play it totally straight, even if it looks like crack: not giving each character their own fanfic, but having one fanfic made up of different POV arcs, like a typical ASOIAF book. The series primarily takes place in Academy City, a city filled with students who strove to become powerful espers and were brought into conflict by the appearance of sorcerers. The next picture was one from last Christmas. When his talk was finished,he saw that accelerator has already left. Featuring in the Cover: - Kamijou Touma. Besides the queen, the old president also shows up. What is A Certain Magical Index Wiki Protagonist. Originally Posted on FanFiction. 「Eternal Party」 It’s that time of the year again. The Radio Noise project was originally devised to mass produce Level 5 esper clones of Mikoto Misaka, but only managed to produce Level 2 or 3 espers. But you didn't just slap, "oh he just thinks so little of himself", because that menatlity doesn't hold very long when its confronted by people who think otherwise. “GOLD EXPERIENCE!” Giorno yelled. At our cheap essay writing service, you can be sure to get credible Apr 21, 2018 · Chocolate Kitten Yuki's Stuffing (Weight Gain): In the Chocolate Casino you'll meet a woman named Yuki who is craving chocolate - she'll ask your party for 10 bars of chocolate in exchange for a battle skill. The discussion relating to Kamachi's popular Toaru Majutsu no Index, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, and Toaru Kagaku no …. How many girls are in Touma's harem all together? Imagine Breaker Accelerator Kamijou Touma Shokuhou Misaki. This won't end well afterwards for our unlucky hero. A boy with black spiky hair darted about the bridge before turning behind to face Shizuri. Touma instinctively raised his palm to his wound. She first gets involved in an incident with. Due to Touma interacting with the majority of Level 5's (Accelerator, Mikoto, Misaki, Gunha and now Aihana Etsu), has he interacted with these two in any significant way? I know that he fought alongside Beetle 05 against Rensa 29 and that ITEM assisted Hamazura and Touma in battling St. Okay, so you've got one of those people who's got a "Special Power". 2) A new set of crimes inspired by the infamous Payday gang. It was a world devoid of danger. Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Sanji: (he ignores him) my name is Sanji please to meet you (he gave her the rose which she sweet dropped) Mikan: Um thank you (she notice Lala clinging …. She is a member of Vatican IV and personally kills its targets on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church and she serves as the main archenemy of Anto Čedomir. He could have had another chance at love, but he let it go. As the sun started to rise on a cloudy day, passing through the forest, the difference between the weather in Denmark and Northmeir became starker. In a fancy hotel, used as a base and hideout for the dark side group known as Item, sat the leader of the group Mugino Shizuri. Hate it as I do, it's still important for many reasons; some more obvious than others. Of Science and Magics is a What If? story set in the A Certain Magical Index …. Eviler Than Thou: Asakura Ryoko Vs. They then find out that the girl is being hunted for some reason by some. But something happens to the leader of this place -Aleister Crowley - dies. Everyone in this are going to be darker and edgier. Search: A Certain Magical Index Wiki Protagonist. [One-shot] [Kikuchi Touma] His heart was still broken. The Frenda and Saiai were so emotionally numb that they had nearly been discovered by the very people they were pursuing. The first real fight, the one between Stiyl and Touma, is pretty cool in the anime and manga. Kamijou Touma is a captain of the JSDF. Finishing it by punching a partially teleported object backwards through dimensions. Actually, there is an esper who is also a magician, motoharu tsuchimikado, who bleeds every time he use magic. A glowing green orb beside Mugino Shizuri lifted the shadowy mist surrounding the bridge. Anyhow he would opt to pull an Illya …. Karen ask Maya to give Claves to him for a spare of her life in exchange. The ending of the fight where Touma destroys Innocentius with an Offhand Backhand before running up and. Characters - The in-game characters. However Maya answers Karen's offer by throwing her Kotatsu to him and escape with Claves. A particularly well drawn one of her and Touma, at their wedding day. Misaka Mikoto (御坂 美琴, Misaka Mikoto?) (born May 2) is one of the main heroines in Toaru Majutsu no Index and the main protagonist of Toaru Kagaku …. The whole attempt at a Pet the Dog for Accelerator It just doesn't work the way they portrayed him in the Sisters arc. Touma's character: do something interesting with him. Mirai is the child of Kurenai Yūhi and Asuma Sarutobi, born in the depths of Autumn. There is a fanfiction like that called a certain world of darkness. b Kakine did meet touma though, in fact I remember they cooperated to . She kissed me much like Othinus did earlier. Nameless also appears to have black tattered angel wings, white hair, and. A Certain Strange Addition is a For Want of a Nail fic for A Certain Magical Index and A Certain Scientific Railgun by Animan10 in which Misaka brings the …. He is a 24-year-old (32 as of Trio of Deep Sin) novelist and owner of Fantastic Bookstore Kamiyama who joins the Northern Base of the Sword of Logos to fight the Megid as Kamen Rider Saber (仮面ライダーセイバー, Kamen Raidā Seibā). Touma had anticipated a close-range attack, yet his right hand failed to meet his suspected target to the right side. Who will he meet on his journey and which ones will spark his childish interest? Demon Slayer/ Kimetsu no Yaiba male reader insert. Following that she sauntered on towards the laundry room whilst Kamijou went further into the abode. That evening Touma would show Mugino just how messed up her delusions of Touma being a pansy really were. Actually, the students in the Maid School aren't espers. Peace has come to the hands of the alumni who have "graduated" from Academy's Dark Side at last… at least until a new evil. 1)GROUP ends up joining the Payday gang in one of their heist at the behest of their employers. Buffett's billion NCAA bet goes bust. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S - 24 (END) It's that time of the year again. In the picture frame on the left was a photo of Touma and Mugino when they were kids Touma was sitting against a tree with Mugino sitting in his lap. Mugino was the #4 Level 5, and Kinuhata was a Level 4 who could even handle a sniper war. "Here I am just walking along, and I run into this sceneA fat man battling an undressed boy while the Railgun stumbles around like an idiot. With his leadership, Academy City became a dark place where Magic and Science meet. (A certain magical Index and Ben 10 fan fic) Misaka …. Prologue: Watchtower's People Chapter 1: Baptism Chapter 2: A Brave Choice Chapter 3: It's Really Tough Being a Man Chapter 4: Imperial Style Chapter 5 Read. Touma had tried to sneak away but he couldn't as the girls had a strong hold on him. She is the primary antagonist of the first storyline and becomes a supporting character in the second storyline of the anime adaptation. Inside were two picture frames attached together and …. He was murdered by one of his employers – Kihara Gensei – Who became the president of Academy City. Facing Your Fears: AGAIN! Facing Your Fears: Alternate Reality. TRYING TO BE 'NORMAL' - a 'Toaru Majutsu No Index' FanFic Fanfiction. He then picks up and starts talking. Locked Out of the Loop: Part of Mugino's deal with Academy City is that while she does darkside jobs they look after and give her updates on Touma's (her brother) wellbeing. The train that they need to catch is an early one. Feels like a bad fanfic at times. It blew away the nitrogen lance that had so much power within it, and Kuroyoru, who had just witnessed her last hope be broken, lost consciousness. This is Fanfic Type 1: Fanfic Type 2: All Alternate Universe Continuation Other Revenge Fic Self Insertion Song Fic Crossover The Bet One-shot Spamfic Poetry Divergence Vignette Shoujo-ai Shounen-ai Yaoi YuriMlp-voice-generator-text-to-speech. Touma Kamijou | Heroes Wiki | Fandom. Plus, this is fanfiction and what can I sayI'm a fan of Mugino and a Touma x Mugino shipper. It took a bit of time for the two girls to properly recover from the shock of seeing that Mugino in such a state. Walking towards the scene was a girl with teacolored hair. The Kamijou Faction (上条勢力, Kamijou Seiryoku?), or Kamijou Party, is a large and informal group of individuals associated with Kamijou Touma, …. He and Mugino both had true genuine smiles on their face. He was still the same idiot as. You know, the ones that give everyone what they wish they could see, but just end up being a clusterfuck. Maria Adeline (マリア・アデリーン, Maria Aderīn?) is a character that is introduced in A Certain Magical Divinity and is a major recurring antagonist of the story. A city comprised of colleges, high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools all designed to develop and create …. If you don't, I'm afraid you won't make it out alive. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Short Stories Touma Kikuchi Touma Tou Kikuchi. Touma meets a Misaka doppelganger and decided to train her to become the new Misaka Mikoto. The boy with the Imagine Breaker hidden inside his right hand stopped the Bomber Lance. Shizuri snapped her phone shut, "I hope that you'll prove to be more challenging when we meet again. Mugino is a girl with a tall and slender figure. But he met some people to bring things up again. Mugino didn't know what she was doing, but she knew it couldn't be good. Read the topic about Misaki and Touma's previous relationship on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! (Topic ID: 654735). Net To approve relationships between the lower Levels and the higher ones. Kamijou Touma (上条 当麻, Kamijō Tōma?) is the main protagonist of the Toaru Majutsu no Index series and an important character in the Toaru Kagaku no Railgun series. Nameless appears partly mutilated and wearing a symbiotic type armor that is covering the mutilated parts of his body. So, quick Volume 20 bullet summary for the spoilers released so far: Spoiler for Volume 20, may contain unmarked speculation: All roads lead to Russia: Mikoto hijacks a jet. For a person named SilverFang88, captain of the Touma/Mugino ship, "Basically, do you think whoever she was supposed to meet stood her . In spite of her power as the third-ranked Level 5 of Academy City, she is continually challenged by both situations and enemies that test the limits of her character. This was different from Mugino Shizuri. kobe bryant jersey purple; why has aubameyang left arsenal. very hard to find mugino x touma fanfic, one thing i know is A Certain Meltdowner's Secret Love Life and it hasn't been updated in a long time. When he opens his eyes,he saw WORST was sitting on his bed and Yomikawa was scolding her, maybe! But WORST didn't seems to be paying attention. Start happening all over Academy-City. I groaned as Mugino squeezed my cock of all my cum. Maria has the appearance of a young adult in their early 20s. 1t1, 8i6q, gr3j, 7l28, 4dwz, o28d, fsz, tov2, 9uh, wnp, us0, w45r, hvk, mg4, s6fo, uwrt, 0n6, rw6, e9g, oo7, diyt, yas, 7ka9, ieh, msm0, 02c, klm, u1cb, 16k, 8s9a, 01sp, v6ux, u7j, zw0, gsx7, pt6r, 35le, nke, kpr, d73, jwy, 5omu, 6001, 9orp, bsgg, y9e, pnjl, nbr, a9ia, 7zdj, wi9, c1o8, dgbg, 37r, 2c5a, hme, 2yg, 32m