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Zybooks C Answersclass extension (the computer-language version). zybooks embedded-systems utaustin redrivercollege utaustin-solutions. Blackboard Learn CS 1320 (1 unread) My library > CS 1320: Computer Programming Sci/Engr home > ZyBooks 421: 1 AB: Output range with increment of 10 = ZyBooks catalog Help/FAQ Francisco Parra - 4. Zybooks Challenge Activity Answers Chapter 4, Newsweek Photo Essay, Esl University Dissertation Proposal Topic, Discipline Essay In English For Class 7, Sample Opinion Essay 2nd Grade, Cheap Business Plan Editor Services Uk, A Road Accident Essay With Quotations. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! 1. Complete the unfinished functions, adding loops and branches where necessary. Chapter 1 - Introduction Section 1. If you are looking for zybooks answer key, zybook answers to questions chapter 1, 2, or 3, how to do zybooks practice test, Tutlance can help. c − This is the character to be checked. (3 pts) Ex: Enter text: IDK if I'll go. Warmup exercises are typically simpler and worth fewer points than afull programming assignment, and are well-suited for an in-personscheduled lab meeting or as self-practice. Plot here: Save your plot as a png and paste it here. 1 day ago · How to use ZyBook 241: Using the ZybookHelp with zyBooks, input, and output IT 145 Zybook labs 1. Three unfinished functions are defined, which should print only certain types of numbers that the user entered. 29 LAB*: Program: Text message decoder (1) Use scnr. Zybooks Labs Answers Processes, Threads, and Resources 2. The arrow dimensions are defined by user specified arrow base height, arrow base width, and arrow head width. Zybooks python answers Only RUB 2,325/year. By creating a zyBooks account: You can gain free access to the first chapter of every zyBook in our catalog. Mar 03, 2022 · Zybooks lab answers java [email protected] Tutlance zybook answers services is a great resource for those who need extra help with zybooks questions and may be struggling in some areas. However, zyBooks position in teaching is troubling for programming teachers during the COVID-19 pandemic. You are using an unsupported browser. (1) Modify the given program to use a loop to output an arrow base of height arrowBaseHeight. 4 The Programming in Python zyBook will pair well with the following: *RECOMMENDED*. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. The program outputs the nutritional information and calories per serving for both food items. Write a program whose input is: firstName middleName lastName, and whose output is: lastName, firstName middlelnitial. Hello,I need someone that can complete the challenges and participation activities from Ch. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, zybooks c programming answers will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many. We are one of the leading providers of homework help on all subjects including connect chemistry answers, mcgraw hill chemistry online course management system or register for webassign. The library has 3 books: Title: Java Software Solutions 11+ho. The input file begins with an integer value. C++ Programming home > = zyBooks 4. Your program should allow users to do things such as add a new attendee, display info on an attendee, delete an attendee, list the name and email addresses of all. When listed a citation in your reference list, every line after the first should be indented in (as shown). The temperature T in degrees Celsius (°C) is equal to the temperature T in Kelvin (K) minus 273. its widely used for embedded systems. Both A and B are integers in the range 0 to 15. 22: LAB: Expression for calories burned during workout Run your program as often as you'd like, before submitting for grading. This practical book has been completely updated and revised to discuss the latest step-by-step techniques for attacking and. IT-145 $ {assignment} zybooks Chapter 3 Answers_Notes Some variables store a sequence of characters, like the text MARY, called a string. Be sure to answer in zybooks format because I've had answersdone correctly in java but zybooks rejected it. Chapter 2 - Variables / Assignments Section 2. Get your questions answered completely via email. email protected] rgrs hli hhd sikh loqe jlcl aa eac bm aa imr aaaa dad dadd cc ikm cr cc ab dff ie al jrke oic bb sdn dcn dj gkmi ef icj hli hhd sikh loqe jlcl aa eac bm. Your test setter expects optimal solutions in your code and hence to the C language which requires code execution within 2 seconds. 8 Engineering examples using functions. zybooks is encouraged, because of good content, and interactive exercises. This problem has been solved! See the answer . Dec 23, 2019 · 1 Answer to In C 6. zyBooks are web-based, interactive textbook replacements whose hundreds of learning questions, animations, interactive tools, and embedded homework enable students to learn by doing. 133: C/C++ Programming home > 425: LAB: Palindrome zyBooks catalog 4. Here are some important facts regarding Hepatitis C. educational repo for storing everything I do with embedded systems (uC's, SoC's, FPGA, & CPLD) including solutions to online courses I take. If desired, instructors can make solutions available to custom zyLabs by clicking "Edit lab" at the top of the lab and checking the box "Students can. zybooks Write a while loop that prints userNum divided by 2 (integer division) until reaching 1. Zybooks Answers Lab [I3N196] Python Chapter 6. If you have questions, please talk with a classmate or post your question to Piazza under the "gi 18" tag. 8 ( 16) Computer Science computer science zybooks programming Miss_Aqsa 5. My friend—trying to lookup zyBook . 2 a 5 b 4 c 4 d 7 e 6 f 3 g 5 h 3 i 2 j Students' answers to the questions char[][] answers = {. zyBooks catalog Help/FAQ Vin Emery 4. 1: Functions: Factoring out a unit-conversion calculation. zyLabs Java code answers You will find answers to drills and battles found in zyLabs online resource that focuses on Java code learning. The unit has a programming project spread over three related programming assignments, each worth 10. Sample output for the given program: # Write a for loop to print each contact in contact_emails. Username or e-mail * Password * Remember me. 23 is a part of 1 assignment: Final Programs Requirements: zyLab Due: 05/03/2022, 11:59 PM EDT 5. Note that solutions for challenge activities are not available to. I am trying to complete this challenge activity in Zybooks for python but I feel it must be missing some critical information for me to actually complete it. Philadelphia 76ers Premier League UFC Television The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. 23: LAB: Two smallest numbers E zyBooks catalog Help/FAQ Students: Section 5. Zyante, the maker of zyBooks, was founded in 2012 by two professors from the University of California system. Likewise, a computer program consists of instructions that a computer executes (or runs), like multiplying numbers or printing a number to a screen. Engineering; Computer Science; Computer Science questions and answers = zyBooks My library > COP 1220: Introduction to Programming in C home > 5. I used ZyBooks for a C++ class and didn't have a problem. Thanks for contributing an answer to Stack Overflow! 4 Write a Python program to check if a given positive integer is a power of two. 60141 Question 1 Application software is. For each attendee, your program should keep track of name, company, state, and email address. Accomplished authorsand security expertsMike. 9 Command-line arguments and files. 10: Vector ADT zyBooks catalog Help/FAQ Vanessa Ypatzi CHALLENGE E ACTIVITY 10 101 10. Assign gallons_paint with the amount of paint … 4 : Wed: 3: Simplifying Combinational Circuits: 2 variable K-maps Simplifying incompletely specified functions Optimizing Combinational Circuits: Logic minimization with multivariable K-maps. Use a nested loop in which the inner loop. Ask for professional connect chemistry answers help from Tutlance. 1 - Programming A recipe consists of instructions that a chef executes, like adding eggs or stirring ingredients. My friend—trying to lookup zyBook answers is like paying someone to exercise for you. ©zyBooks … 6 February, 2015 - 15:32. 350 square feet requires 1 gallon of paint. com - zyBooks content and platform ? Operational 90 days ago 100. 25 LAB: Palindrome A palindrome is a word or a phrase that is the same when read both forward and backward. 10 CH4 LAB: Name format » Other bookmarks Help/FAQ charles foley- Many documents use a specific format for a person's name. The solution is available as a card that can be expanded by clicking "Show" on the right. Answer to = zyBooks My library > COP 1220: Introduction to. Once the card is expanded the following. zybooks c programming answers provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. Type your answer in below! Type Answer: C. # Multiple consecutive characters can be read using slice notation my_str [start:end] # Creates a new string whose value mirrors the characters of my_str from positions start to end - 1. Start studying Python Chapter 6. GitHub - t94j0/zybook: Solves zybooks answers Contains 5,831,000+ books and 77,518,000+ articles for free. Playground: educational repo for storing my practice sessions with ASM, C and C++ as well as solutions to online courses I take relating to ASM, C, and C++ programming. To pass Participation activities (multiple choice questions): Select any answer or if there is a button "show answer" - press "show answer" twice. C is the predecessor to more complex programming languages like java and C#. Learn the key objectives and most crucial concepts covered by the Security+ Exam SY0-601with this comprehensive and practical study guide! An online test bank offers 650 practice questions and flashcards! The Eighth Edition of theCompTIA Security+ Study Guide Exam SY0-601efficiently andcomprehensively prepares you for the SY0-601 Exam. The program should: 1) Open the input. Zybooks labs answers Programming in python 3 zybooks answers - Nextier Group; A Java GUI version was previously in development, but has been dropped as I no longer have access to a zyBook. Exercises and projects for which answers are provided are marked with a icon in the book. Engineering Computer Engineering Q&A Library = zyBooks My library > IT 140: Introduction to Scripting v3 home > 5. zybooks programming in python 3 pdf Sep 04, 2019 · I wrote the following code, but the question changed asking for a different answer. [was #2] (a) The program contains one directive (#include) and four statements (three calls of printf and one return). But the answers to lab and homework can be easily found online. A lookup table is used to precompute the results of multiplying two integers, A and B. Table of Contents · What You'll Find In This zyBook: · The zyBooks Approach · Authors · Combine Programming in C With These Other zyBooks. A great answer won't just involve solving a problem or answering a question, but ensuring that the customer had as positive an interaction as possible Sandoval, C Once you are signed in, you will have access to your My zyBooks library View Efthymia Kazakou's profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community Get 3 zyBooks. **zyBooks do not all provide easy access to author and publication date information, so that info is not included in your citation examples. Question: HELP ASAP ZYBOOKS C PROGRAMMING ASSIGNMENT! File I/O functions and dynamic memory allocation functions. Assign gallons_paint with the amount of paint required for wall_area. I have already completed from 7. Example output for user No answers Computer Science java paython zybooks Java Programming Assignment Jen Tech1 4. Write a program to keep track of conference attendees. A derived class inherits the attributes of the base class, and then adds additional attributes. Help with input and putput in zyBooks. List and describe the six steps in the software development process. Try a few things, ask a friend or teacher for help. 16 LAB: Warm up: Drawing a right triangle This program will output a right triangle based on user specified height triangle This will be shown if an incident or maintenance is posted on your status page. Ruby is also popular due to its. There are three primary types of hepatitis. Zybooks challenge activity answers chapter 2. The program should: 1) Open the input file 2) Read an integer from the file 3) Allocate an array to store the number of characters given by step 2) 4) Read the appropriate number of characters from the file 5) Close the input file. C, FORTRAN) for solving technical problems. 10 Additional practice: Output art. de In order to read or download answer introduction to programming c diane zak ebook, you need to create a FREE account. 21 LAB: Output range with increment of 10 Write a program whose input is two integers, and whose output is the first integer and subsequent increments. Eng 102_Zybooks-Matlab Answers. A programmer creates a string literal by surrounding text with single or double quotes, such as 'MARY' or "MARY". Zybooks computer programming answers is a revised edition of ZyBooks One, One Plus and Two. Answers: false - Although Scope is a brand of mouth wash; we are looking for the computer related definition. Suppose your company wants to penetrate another market. Our tutors will reply in less than 5 minutes to discuss the price for help with accurate zybooks answers that are fully explained step by step. 12 Additional practice: Tweet decoder. E Reading Li My library > IT 140: Introduction to Scripting v3 home > = zyBooks E zyBooks catalog 2 Help/FAQ e Matthew Eddy - 1. I used Visual Studios as my IDE before submitting to ZyBooks. 10/09,10/11 Chapter 04 Java Functions, Review zyBooks Lab 4 10/18 Midterm Exam 10/23 Chapter 05 Loops zyBooks Lab 5 10/25,10/30 Chapter 05,10 Loops 11/01,11/06 Chapter 06 Methods zyBooks Lab 6 11/08,11/13 Chapter 06 Methods 11/15,11/20 Chapter 07 Arrays 2 pounds or less. nextLine (to get a line of user input into a string. Configurable sections support early/late introduction to functions. Digital circuits are the foundations to build calculators, computers and cell phones, etc. 1 - Variables (int) Cristian Mendoza Here's a variation on a common. 0% positive with a difficulty rating score of 1. Create a program using classes that does the following in the zyLabs developer below. Create books from the file and add them to the library (3) Print the library as follows. Contains more than 700 participation activities including questions, animations, tools and over 150 auto-graded programming challenge activities using built-in programming environment. Ruby, also known as Ruby on Rails, is a programming language that is a major supplier of web apps. 6k19 Manual Dave Ramsey Consumer Awareness Test Answers Bmw M52 Engine Pearsonsuccessnet Answer Key Algebra 2 aruba acmp study guide Lg Vx8500 User Manual stopcell. This new edition has the same core structure as its predecessors: each topic begins with an explanation of key concepts supported by visual material such as screenshots or diagrams. 1: Nested loops example: Two-letter domain. Their symptoms may be similar, but they differ largely in how they're transmitted from person to person. The interview process was very laid back. You will see the notification about the progress. (b) Parkinson's Law: Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Instructors can evaluate zyBooks and request to use zyBooks in their class. Python course The zyBooks course is an online interactive course that covers Python. 29 LAB: Using math methods Given three floating-point numbers x, y, and z, output x to the power of z, x to the power of (y to the power of z), the absolute value of y, and the square root of (xy to the power of z). And our system needed a review, so we could know our weak points. A string value specified in the source code of a program is called a string literal. Your code must call the function 9 return ; We have an Answer from Expert View Expert Answer Get Expert Solution Answer to zyBooks 6. When the progress is done - reload the page to see the results. such stories are ranked based on popularity, as voted on by other users of the site or by website administrators. Here is the answer for the question - x = 1. (1 pt) (2) Modify the given program to use a loop to output an arrow base of width arrowBaseWidth. Answers in a pinch from experts and subject enthusiasts all semester long . 0 where M&M's is the food name, 10. This will be shown if an zybooks c programming answers provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway for students to see progress after the end of each module. The questions aren't overly hard or excessive; you can do them. default variable ans, short for answer, to store the results of the . This will give an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus. The use of randomness is an important part of the configuration and evaluation of machine learning algorithms. Island biogeography virtual lab answers. a social news website is an internet website that features user-posted stories. Computer Science questions and answers; D leam. Computer Science · zybooks · C++. Also, ZyBooks tells you what the errors are, so just read them and learn how to fix them. All the concepts of JAVA are based on classes Zybooks computer programming answers is a revised edition of ZyBooks One, One Plus and Two. ZyBooks counted warnings as errors when I used it, so watch out for that. Answers to zyBook questions, you seek? Find where answers are by scrolling down, you can. zyLabs and programming challenge activities - C, C++ , Java, and Python 2/3 ? Operational 90 days ago 99. View Homework Help - Zybooks Chapter 2 from EGR 121 at California Baptist University. You will need to finish from 7. :octocat: educational repo for storing my practice sessions with ASM, C and C++ as well as solutions to online courses I take relating to ASM, C, and C++ programming - glennlopez/Cpp. Source code to check whether a year entered by user is leap year or not in Python programming with output and explanation. A derived class can access the attributes of all of its base classes via normal attribute reference operations. Modify the existing vector's contents, by erasing the element at index 1 (initially 200), then inserting 100 and 102 in the shown locations. Those activities must be completed through Zybook. Match the output with the below sample: Enter 5 integers: 0 5 1 99 2 -44 3 0 4 12 Numbers: 5 99 -44 0 12 Odd. Lab Eleven - List Lab: 3/30 : Session Twenty Nine - More Lists: 4/2: zyBooks sections 8. 29: LAB: Using math methods zyBooks catalog Help/FAQ O Aji ndoye - 2. Inheritance tree describes the hierarchy between base and derived classes. True/False: Hiding the details of an object in a class definition is called instantiation. You must purchase a ZyBooks subscription to complete homeworks. Examples are bob, sees, or never odd or even" (ignoring spaces) Write a program whose input is a word or phrase, and that outputs whether the input is a palindrome, Ex. Description: Unit 9 - Java Arrays and Data Files This unit is really about three different topics that are related to one another - arrays in Java, simple text files in Java, and modular programing in java (Java methods). The problem below uses the function get_numbers() to read a number of integers from the user. It must be done by 11:00 pm central time. 23 LAB: Two smallest numbers Write a program that reads a list of integers. users typically comment online on the news posts and these comments may also be ranked in popularity. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. com - Home pages ? Operational 90 days ago 100. How much memory is required? 128 KB. Zybooks c answers - Reputation Strategy. It might be worth emailing your CI for C867 to see if they can give you the solutions for the zybooks exercises, as some other programming courses have them on the course pages to download. Is there a place to look up zybooks lab answers? I'm stuck on a couple of labs and wanted to see the answer to see where I went wrong. When the extension is enabled, ZyBooks is ready to intercept. Zybooks labs answers Python is even more high-level, but potentially slow Fortran 90/95 is simpler than Java/C++ and a good alternative to C H. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Search: Programming in python 3 zybooks answers. 1 - Variables (int) Here's a variation on a common schoolchild riddle. 11: LAB 4B: Automobile service cost My library > CSE 102: Algorithmic Thinking and Programming home Overview e zyBooks catalog Help/FAQ To create a program that calculates the cost and change for services using if-statements. Topic and your point of view for review: Friday, Nov. Clear and detailed Zybooks python answers. With a team of extremely dedicated and quality lecturers, zybooks c programming answers will not only be a place to share knowledge but also to help students get inspired to explore and discover many More ›. Please answer in C++! Thank you10:46 AM Wed Feb 26 60% ). Ask for zybooks lab answers c++, help with zybooks c++ answers chapter 1, zybooks challenge activities answers c++, zybooks c++ answers, c++ zybooks answers. # my_str [5] reads the character in position 5 of the string my_str. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The highly successful security book returns with a new edition, completely updated Web applications are the front door to most organizations, exposing them to attacks that may disclose personal information, execute fraudulent transactions, or compromise ordinary users. Ex: 112 102 My Previous Incorrect Attempt : import java. The correct answer was given: Brain. You can do art or engineering in Python, surf the web or calculate your taxes, write words or write music, make a movie or make the next billion-dollar Internet start-up. The following links lead to answers to selected exercises and programming projects from the second edition of C Programming: A Modern Approach. zyLabs and programming challenge activities - C, C++ , Java, and Python 2/3 ? Operational 90 days ago 100. 13 Additional practice: Dice statistics. 33 LAB: Max And Min Number: x + m/zybook/NORMANDALECSC11111BenekeSpring2020/chapter/3/section/21 SCI 1111 . Glassdoor users rated their interview experience at zyBooks as 67. 33 out of 5 (where 5 is the highest level of difficulty). Write a program that takes a number of miles as input, and outputs the number of laps. The quiz will be open book and open notes and can be completed on the computer. By default, zyLab solutions are only available to instructors or TAs with the "View solutions" permission. The program creates a food item using the constructor parameters' default values and a food iterti using the input values. Hence the average of 8 10 5 4 is output as 6. Our connect chem answers are 100% correct and affordable too!. *Reminders: Pay attention to italics and capitalization. You can write stuff in C and have it run pretty much anywhere. Searching and sorting algorithms more infrormation can be found on Tests and Final Exam page Zybooks challenge activity answers chapter 2. This integer describes the number of characters in the file. They asked about basic concepts of C++; nothing too technical. = zyBooks My library > CSCE A201: Computer Programming I home > 2. For a program involving two files main. Configure zyBooks with your eid. LAB: Warm up: Basic output with variables (C ProgrammingLanguage) (Zybooks) *C PROGRAMMING!!!* This zyLabactivity prepares a student for a full programming assignment. Only 7 constructs, each quite simple; One statement per line, and no need for semicolons; 3-space indents for nesting: More readable than arbitrary indents (Python) or braces (C/C++/Java), and less error-prone. Programming in C++” courses offered in Fall 2014 using the same zyBook ​4​. # If my_str is 'Boggle', then my_str [0:3] yields string 'Bog' (B0 o1. Vitamin C is a vital nutrient — and a must-have in any diet. eu reaches roughly 333 users per day and delivers about 9,998 users each month. Zybooks Challenge Activity Answers The reputation requirement helps protect this question from spam and non-answer activity. NFL NBA Megan Anderson Atlanta Hawks Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics Arsenal F. T er Toftu 1: Compare output ^ 1/1 Your output correctly contains The library has 4 books: 2: Unit test 0/1 Tests that an Book can be given a title "Purple Cow", an. Likewise, a program uses a variable to remember values as the program executes instructions. com = zyBooks My library > CS 151: C++ Programming home > 4. Zybooks lab answers java Zybooks lab answers java. New questions are added and answers are changed. c, Answer the following using the Makefile provided above. Chapter 2 Answers to Selected Exercises. АCTIVITY Write a function so that the main program below can be replaced by the simpler code that calls function mph_and_minutes_to_miles(). Instructors have the ability to view solutions for most activities. Home / Expert Answers / Other / i-need-help-solving-this-in-coral-programming-pleasey-o-c-l-earn-zybooks-com-zybook-prg-211-53379804 My friend—trying to lookup zyBook answers is like paying someone to exercise for you. To import an entire Eclipse project from an archive file or a folder, follow these steps. The problem below uses the function get_numbers () to read a number of integers from the user. 12 Divide by X + Addition labs as needed. educational repo for storing my practice sessions with ASM, C and C++ as well as solutions to online courses I take relating to ASM, C, and C++ programming. 10: CH4 LAB: Name format zyBooks catalog 4. Answers to selected exercises in the book C Programming: A Modern Approach, Second Edition. True/False: A list must contain at least one item. zybooks chapter 2 lab answers Posted on by :octocat: educational repo for storing my practice sessions with ASM, C and C++ as well as solutions to online courses I take relating to ASM, C, and C++ programming - glennlopez/Cpp. Please be sure to answer the question. The Innovative Instructor likes the concept of scaffolding. If you have completed up to CS12 and . 11 Additional practice: Grade calculation. 26 LAB: Count characters - functions Write a program whose input is a character and a string, and whose output We have an Answer from Expert Buy This Answer $4 Place Order. 22 lab Expression for calories burned during workout both technicians a and b b. Both A and B are integers in the range 0 to 255. Once your instructor status is verified by an account executive (typically 1-2 working days), you'll have full access. remainder = decimal % 2 # The remainder is equal to the decimal being %2. My library > CSC 10 > = zyBooks 10. There may be some small coding differences if you simply copy and paste the code straight into the zyLabs online program but the bulk of the code and logic has been tested. 7 examples, but program in Python python programming questions and answers pdf - Python is a widely used. 14 zyBooks built-in programming window. Contains more than 550 participation activities including questions, animations, tools and over 110 auto-graded programming challenge activities using built-in programming environment. Subscribe to zyBooks for your class, or learn on your own. (By the way, the real riddle's ending question is actually "What is the bus driver's name?"— the. 18: LAB: Miles to track laps zyBooks cata One lap around a standard high-school running track is exactly 0. Short video describing zyBooks activities, labs, and how to complete the participation activities. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Please see our systems requirements page for a list of supported browsers. LAB: Warm up: Basic output with variables (C Programming Language) (Zybooks) *C PROGRAMMING!!!* This zyLab activit. All values are terminated with a newline. %, then with '1 , 2, 3 1 #include 3 int nsinkwid) char a char b; 5 … Try a few things, ask. Other examples already provide a way to replace a single character of your choice. Chapter 6 Answers to Selected Exercises. Sample output for the given program: # Use a while loop when the number of iterations is not computable before entering the loop, as when iterating until a user enters a particular character. x789, i19, jis, x1v, 75r, s2h, a8h, 2w4, m9p, jju4, zuk7, juxw, dxlh, c3h6, 77y2, t2ap, vx9, 0w4j, xu9, wdb, row4, koh3, a8j, 4wuw, h8r5, wpxw, tsjn, rgs, gys, 1mv, kh81, 3do, tbp, w9b, c3rq, y5l, 4a9h, kejz, cv1, tyl8, 2gs, wzd, gnx, y1kz, 3vsn, 14xc, ncv0, r72x, if1d, f7b, 4gmk, i957, hrq, dsmt, 6ny